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Pinyin: Bái Hè Ténɡ

Aliases: White-faced water chicken ("Luchuan Materia Medica"), white back silk ("Handbook of Herbal Medicine"), white background silk ("Lingnan Herbal Medicine"), satin vine, silver back vine ("Guangxi Medicine Plant Directory"), one Piece of silk ("Guangxi Chinese Herbal Medicine").

Source: "Materia Medica Seeking the Original"

The source is the stems and leaves of Convolvulus. Harvested in autumn.

The original form is wrapped around Fujimoto. The leaves are ovate to elliptic, 5-11 cm long, 3-9 cm wide, short pointed or obtuse at the apex, rounded or sometimes slightly heart-shaped at the base, bald or nearly bald on the top, densely covered with silvery pilose below . Inflorescence axillary or terminal, capitate or umbellate; inflorescence stalk is 3.5 to 7 cm long, densely covered with silvery pilose; flower stalk is short, about 5 mm or less in length; bracts are large, sepals 5, oblong ovoid or Oval, 9-10 mm long on the outside, smaller on the inside, densely covered with silvery pilose; corolla funnel-shaped, white, 2.7-2.8 cm long, with silvery trichomes on the outside, lobes oblong, 1.5 cm long inside and outside ; Stamens 5; ovary 4-loculed, style linear. The fruit is nearly globose, about 8 cm in diameter, carmine in color, and is surrounded by an ovoid depressed persistent calyx. Flowering in autumn.

The habitat branch was born on the hillside. Distributed throughout South China.

Characteristics: Dry stems and leaves, twisted stems, dark gray-brown surface, longitudinal grooves, green-white cross section, obvious vascular bundles, light brown. The leaves are slightly curly, brittle and fragile. The surface is dark brown to purple, and the back is light gray-green, close to the silky hair. Soft to the touch. Produced in Guangdong, Guangxi and other places.

Nature and flavor:
① "Lu Chuan Materia Medica": "Bitterness, coolness."

② "Lingnan Herbal Medicine": "Slightly sour and bitter in taste, cool in nature."

Functions and indications: resolving phlegm and relieving cough, regulating blood and expelling wind. Cure heat, cough, phlegm, vomiting blood, collapse, bandage, bruises, rheumatism, sores.

① "Materia Medica seeks the original": "The leaves are applied to the rotten feet, and the decay is eliminated."

②"Lingnan Medicine Collection": "Gu swelling, smashed with rice and brown sugar to fragrant food; swelling, fumigated with atractylodes decoction."

③ "Lu Chuan Materia Medica": "Leaf: Treat lung heat, cough, phlegm and asthma."

④ "Guangxi Medicine Plant Directory": "eliminate phlegm, moisturize the lung, relieve cough, stop bleeding. Treat tuberculosis, breast carbuncle, water and fire burns."

⑤"Guangxi Chinese Herbal Medicine": "Regulate blood, expel wind, and dehumidify. Treat bruises, internal and external injuries and bleeding, bleeding in women, and vaginal discharge."

⑥ "Wenshan Chinese Herbal Medicine": "Relieve tendons and activate collaterals, expel wind and dampness, relieve cough and phlegm, regulate menstruation and stop bleeding. Treat bruises, rheumatic pain, acute and chronic bronchitis."

Usage and dosage Oral administration: decoction, 3 to 5 yuan. External use: Decoction, fumigation or pounding.

① Treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis: Baihe dip (dry product) from five to one tael, decoct in water. (Guangzhou Army "Handbook of Commonly Used Chinese Herbal Medicine")

② Treatment of internal injury and vomiting blood: one silk leaf, polygonum cuspidatum, Eclipta prostrata, and dragon bud grass each one or two, decocted in water. ("Guangxi Chinese Herbal Medicine")

③ Treatment of metrorrhagia: (i) One or two silk leaves, one or two zodiac leaves, and one or two dragon sprouts, mash, and decoct in water. ("Guangxi Chinese Herbal Medicine") (2) Three to four purple buds and silver back vine leaves, grind the powder, and wine delivery. ("Yunnan Chinese Herbal Medicine")

④ Treatment of bruises and stasis, meridian discord: one silk one or two, decoction in water and liquor. ("Guangxi Chinese Herbal Medicine")

⑤ Treatment of leucorrhea: one silk one or two, small banyan tree beard five dollars, one or two cockscomb flowers, decoction. ("Guangxi Chinese Herbal Medicine")

⑥Treat sores and rotten feet: Baihe vine, dandelion, silver flower vine decoction and wash with water, have anti-inflammatory, detoxification and detoxification effects. ("Lingnan Herbal History")

Remarks: The root of this plant (the root of Baihe vine) is also used for medicinal purposes.

The plant of the same genus Zibao Yinbei Teng is also used for medicinal purposes in Yunnan, and its curative effect is similar.

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