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"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": cicada slough

Medicinal name: cicada slough

Pinyin: Chán Tuì


Alias: cicadas, cicada clothing, insects, cicada shells, grasshopper skin, know the skin, Kim Niuer

Source This product is cicadas insects black grasshopper Cryptotympana pustulata Fabricius larvae shed when the shell. Summer, autumn two seasons collection, remove the sediment, dried.

Traits This product is slightly oval and curved, about 3.5cm, width of 2cm. The surface is yellowish brown, translucent, shiny. The head has a filamentous antennae 1 pairs, and more have broken down, compound eyes prominent. Forehead prominent, tone developed, upper lip width, lower lip elongated into a tubular. Chest on the back was cross-shaped split, cracks inward curl, both sides of the back with a small wing 2; abdomen with 3 pairs, was yellow brown fine hair. Abdomen blunt circle, a total of 9 knots. Body light, hollow, fragile. Odorless, tasteless.

Concocted to remove impurities, washed, dried.

Taste: sweet, cold

Meridian: to the lungs, liver by.

Indications: scattered wind in addition to heat, Liyan, Touzhen, retreat shade, antispasmodic. For Fengreganmao, sore throat, sound dumb, measles does not penetrate, rubella itching, head red barrier, convulsions convulsions, tetanus.

Dosage: 3 ~ 6g.

Storage: dry place, anti-pressure.

(1) for exogenous wind heat, fever aversion to cold, cough, and rubella, skin itching embolism. Cicadas have scattered wind-heat effect, for wind-heat table disease often with mint equivalent; rubella itching also Qufeng itching function.

(2) for measles through the poor. Cicadas divergent and have a heat effect, because it is mainly for the wind, so it is used for the early onset of measles were mostly, often with Arctium, mint with the same; but if the heat rash is poor, but also with Lithospermum, forsythia and other applications.

(3) for sore throat and dumb embolism. Cicada slough treatment of sore throat is generally outside the wind caused by wind heat is appropriate, because of its Shufeng heat, Lee throat effect, and more with mint, burdock, forsythia, Campanulaceae, licorice with the application. As for the sound of dumb, then the wind and evil lungs, lung Qi Xuan caused by those who should be appropriate, whichever is the power of Xuanfei open tone, often with Campanulaceae, jade butterfly, fat sea with the same use.

(4) for the purpose of red eyes, shade film cover eyes. This product is caused by the wind and heat caused by red, fist, and measles after the head shade film, the eyes of the retreat effect, can be equipped with chrysanthemum, Valley grass, Tribulus terrestris and other applications.

(5) for tetanus, children convulsions, night cry embolism. Cicadas both to get rid of the wind, but also interest in the wind and the wind will be spasm, the tetanus limbs twitch, can be equipped with scorpion equivalent; on the wind, children crying epicurex anxiety, The

Excerpt: "Chinese Pharmacopoeia"

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