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"Chinese Dictionary": toad

Name of medicine: toad

Pinyin: Chán Pí

Alias: clam skin ("medical side about"), toad skin ("Chinese herbal medicine manual").

Source "by the original"

Source for the toad family of Chinese toad or black orbid toad and other skin.

Chemical composition of the skin of the special ingredients, generally similar to the toad, see "toad" article. The other toad skin containing toad thionine, toadine tryptamine, toad nitidine; Japanese toad its spirit, provoke the toad aglycone, toad its spirit, toad spirit, toad it set, Yuanhua toad fine, Deacetylated toad essence, deacetylated toad italin; Japanese toad it ripene alcohol and an azure substance, toad pigment, ie trihydroxypropyl butterfly.

Taste "by the original": "Xin, cool, micro - poison.

Functional indications Qingrejiedu, Lee water swelling. Cure ulcer, swollen poison, scrofula, cancer, malnutrition bloating, chronic bronchitis.

① "outline of the Supplements": "paste a large drug, can take drugs.

② "Materia Medica for the original": "paste sores scrofula, moxibustion."

③ "Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Manual": "for the children five malnut shock drugs, but also and urine, eliminate abdominal distension."

Usage and dosage Oral: Jiantang or powder, 1 ~ 2 money. Topical: Apply or apply powder.

① governance finger red swollen poison: live toad a raw skinning, the skin outside the affected area wrapped, tomorrow, the poison together pull out, or hair back, counterparts embolism, poison Suddenly, if the inside again, and then posted. Remember that the skin can not be inside the meat, that is, bite the bullet is difficult to expose. Where the virus after the virus, can also use this rule. ("Line trunk seized secret")

② treatment of carbuncle sore: a frogs, peel the whole body skinned, covered with sore mouth, in the frog skin with a needle will be prickly holes to the gas, consciously quiet, and can climb the sores, do not grow up. ("Secret secret immortality")

③ swelling of the virus: dry toad how much, research for the end, honeysuckle exposed notes deposited. ("Drug Lian Kai secret" Golden toad scattered)

④ governance bowel out: a toad skin, the bottle burning smoked Ting Department. (Sun Simiao)

Clinical application

① treatment of chronic bronchitis

Take the live toad to peel the skin completely, bake dry powder, Chen honey for the pill or pack the capsule. Each oral 1 gram, 2 times a day. 10 days for a course of treatment, withdrawal 5 days, continued service for the second course. Observation of 334 cases, after the first course of treatment, the effective rate was 69.7%, two courses of effective rate was 70%. This product cough, expectorant effect is better than asthma.

② treatment of malignant tumors

(1) with toad skin 0.4 grams, catechu 0.4 grams, Yuan Hu 0.2 grams, a total of research and finishing tablets. Each time 1.0 grams, served once a day. Even after 2 weeks, each increase of 0.2 to 0.4 grams, until 3 weeks for a course of treatment. The drug on the type of gastric cancer have different degrees of efficacy, the best effect of ulcer cancer. The best effect on gastric cancer with pyloric obstruction. Gastric cancer patients can stop bleeding, pain, promote appetite, and have shrink tumor, the effect of eliminating ascites. Clinical can be based on the condition, in the favorable period, with the application of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine or surgery comprehensive treatment. After treatment of 48 cases of gastric cancer, clinical recovery in 5 cases, markedly effective in 10 cases, improved in 27 cases, the effect is not obvious and need surgery with 6 cases. (2) with live toad peeling, even the head and eyes together peeled, pick the surface of the gland particles, the toad skin surface attached to the skin on the skin, such as deep cancer, according to acupoints, cover oil gauze, and then Covered with clean gauze. Apply twice a day. Another fresh toad skin dried, yellow fried crisp, powder made of pills, each 0.3 grams, each 3 to 5 tablets, served 3 times (after meals). Or with fresh toad skin injection, each intramuscular injection of 2 ml (about 2 grams of fresh skin), 1 or 2 times a day. (27.1%), 60 cases (22.5%), no change 56 (37.5%), no improvement in the treatment of esophageal cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, leukemia and lymphoma (the same time with traditional Chinese medicine and chemotherapy and other comprehensive treatment) (21%), and 52 (19.4%) died. (Iii) with fresh toad injection for local tumor injection, while oral konjac decoction, treatment for 3 months. Trial treatment of cervical cancer in 2 cases, after treatment, cervical smooth, vaginal smears and cervical biopsy were negative, to clinical recovery. One of them was treated by total hysterectomy, and the cervical tissue was not seen. (4) toad with a peeling dry research to fine, divided into 10 to 15 packets. Each time a package, served 3 times a day. At the same time with fresh toad skin paste spleen area. 1 case of Hodgkin's disease after treatment significantly improved symptoms, body temperature returned to normal, narrowing the whole body lymph nodes, enlarged hepatosplenomegaly, blood has improved (the treatment was given cortisone, oxytetracycline and general supportive therapy). (V) with fresh toad skin a whole, fry 100 ml, 3 times a day sub-service; or toad skin with a slow fire drying powder, loaded capsules (each containing about 0.25 grams), each 2 to 3, 2 to 4 times a day. Treatment of colonic, rectal cancer in 17 cases, most of the use of toad skin surgery resection. Among them, 4 cases were confirmed by laparotomy for advanced colon and rectal cancer. After treatment, clinical symptoms disappeared, and after 1 year follow-up, all had participated in labor.

Excerpts: "Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine"

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