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"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": sea cuttlebone

Medicinal name: sea cuttlebone

Pinyin: Hǎi Piāo Shāo


Alias: cuttlefish bone, cuttlefish bone

Source This product is a squid family of non-squid Sepiella maindroni de Rochebrune or golden squid Sepia esculenta Hoyle dry inner shell. Collect the cuttlefish shells, cut and dry.

Traits no needle squid: was oblong oval, middle thick, thin edge, length 9 ~ 14cm, width 2.5 ~ 3.5cm, thickness of about 1.3cm. The back of the magnetic white ridge-like uplift, slightly reddish on both sides, there are not obvious small warts; ventral white, from the tail to the middle of a fine corrugated transverse pattern; corners margin translucent, tail wider Bone needle. Body light, loose, easy to break, section silty, was loose layer pattern. Gas slightly fishy, ​​taste slightly salty.

Golden squid: long 13 ~ 23cm, width to 6.5cm. The back of the warts obvious, slightly layered; ventral surface of the fine corrugated transverse lines accounted for the majority of the whole, the middle longitudinal groove; tail horny edge gradually wide, to the ventral surface tilt, the end of a bone needle, The


(1) This product powder white. Under the microscope observation, the majority of irregular transparent sheet, and some with fine stripes; another irregular pieces, the surface was mesh or point-like texture.

(2) take this product powder, dropping dilute hydrochloric acid, resulting in bubbles.

Concocted to remove impurities, washed, dried, smashed into small pieces. This product is mostly irregular or shaped square small, white or yellowish, tasteless.

Taste salty, astringent, warm

Return to the spleen, kidney by.

Indications: convergence to stop bleeding, astringent fine with only, acid, convergence sore. For stomach pains swallowing acid, vomiting blood and blood, blood loss, blood loss, blood loss, spermatorrhea, chibular vaginal discharge; ulcer disease. External bleeding injury, sores more pus.

Dosage: 5 ~ 9g. Topical amount, the powder at the end of powder.

Storage: dry place.

Excerpt: "Chinese Pharmacopoeia"

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