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Medicinal name: Hu Huanglian

Pinyin: Hú Huánɡ Lián


Alias: false yellow

Source This product is the dry rhizome of Scrophulariaceae Scruba piculata Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora Pennell. Autumn digging, remove the fibrous roots and sediment, dried.

Traits this product was cylindrical, slightly curved, occasional branches, long 3 ~ 12cm, diameter 0.3 ~ 1cm. Surface gray brown to dark brown, rough, with a more dense ring section, with slightly raised bud marks or root marks, the top dense dark brown scaly petiole residues. Body light, hard and brittle, easy to break, slightly flat section, light brown to dark brown, wood has 4 to 10 white dots like vascular bundles arranged in a ring. Gas micro, taste very bitter.


(1) take this product powder 0.5g, set the appropriate vessel, 60 ~ 80 ℃ sublimation 4 hours, under the microscope observation, visible needle, needle cluster, rod, plate crystal and yellow ball.

(2) take this product powder 5g, add water 50ml, set 60 ℃ water bath temperature dip for 20 minutes, filtration. Take the filtrate 1ml, add 2 drops of ethanol solution of ferric chloride to produce dark green precipitate;,take another filtrate 1ml, add 5% a-cup phenol ethanol solution 2 drops, shake, resulting in yellow and white turbidity, slowly along the wall plus Sulfuric acid 0.5ml, two liquid junction was purple ring, shaken after the color becomes darker, diluted with water to produce dark purple precipitation.

(3) take (1) under the sublimation, add a few drops of chloroform to dissolve, as the test solution. Another vanilla acid, cinnamic acid reference substance, add chloroform made of 1ml each containing 1mg mixed solution, as the reference solution. According to the thin layer chromatography (Appendix Ⅵ B) test, the above two solutions were taken 5μl, respectively,,on the same silica gel GF254 thin plate, n-hexane - ether - glacial acetic acid (5: 5: 0.1) Start, remove, dry, set the UV light (254nm) under the view. For the test product chromatography, chromatography with the reference substance in the corresponding position, was the same color spots.

To remove impurities, wash, run through, cut thin or dry when used. This product is irregular round sheet, cut black or brown black, with white point-like vascular bundle, the surrounding dark brown. Crisp.

Sexual bitter, cold

Owned by the liver, stomach, large intestine meridian

Indications: wet heat, in addition to bone steaming, chubbing heat. For dampness diarrhea dysentery, jaundice, hemorrhoids disease, bone steam hot flashes, fever in children

Dosage: 1.5 ~ 9g.

Storage: dry place.


(1) This product and Anemarrhena, Artemisia annua, Digupi, silver Bupleurum, Gentiana, turtle and other compatibility, can cure Yin fever, afternoon hot flashes; and Coptis, aloe vera equivalent, can cure children with rugby fever disease.

Excerpt: "Chinese Pharmacopoeia""

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