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"Chinese Materia Medica": Mountain Sagittaria

Medicinal name: mountain arrowheads

Pinyin: Shān Cí Gu

English name: Pseudobulb of Appendiculate Cremastra

Alias: gold light flower, deer grass, mountain grass, Sagittaria, mountain Sagittaria, Mao Tso, mud ice, abacus seven, head seven, Taibai and, water ball, mud,

Source from the "Compendium of Materia Medica"

Source of medicinal materials based on the source: for the orchid plant rhododendron orchid, alone garlic blue fake bulbs.

Latin plant animal mineral name: 1.Cremastra appendiculata (D.Don) Makino [Cymbidium appendiculata D.DON; Cremastra wallichiana Lindl.ex Wall.]

Harvest and storage: summer and autumn excavation, remove the stems and leaves, fibrous roots, washed, steamed, dry to dry, and then dried.

The original form 1. Rhododendron, terrestrial plants. Fake bulbous, nearly spherical, thick 1-3cm. Ca. 1 leaf, rarely with 2 leaves; leaf blade elliptic, as long as 45cm, wide 4-8cm, apex acute, base narrowed to handle. Cauliflower lateral apically bulbous, erect, stout, usually higher than leaf, sparsely 2 tubular sheaths; racemes sparsely numerous flowers; flowers to one side, purple; bracts narrowly lanceolate, Sepals and petals nearly equal, oblanceolate, ca. 3.5cm long, ca. 4mm wide, apex acute; lip Petal nearly spatulate, nearly as long as sepals, basally fleshy-like, slightly elevated on both sides of the margin, the front end of the expansion and 3 crack, lateral lobes narrow, lobes oblong, base with a close or how much separation Of the appendages; cohida column slender, slightly shorter than sepals. Flowering from June to August.

2. alone garlic garlic, terrestrial plants, high 15-25cm. Leaf bulb narrowly ovate or filiform, long 1-2cm, terminal leaves 1, leaves lagged 1 cup-shaped ring. Leaves and flowers at the same time, oval-shaped lanceolate, long 10-25cm, Chi 2-5cm, apex slightly obtuse or acuminate, base narrowly inserted into a handle scape. Scabs with a flower. Bracts oblong, nearly acute, equal to or longer than ovary; flowers lavender or pink; sepals erect, narrowly lanceolate, up to 4cm, broadly 5-7mm, apex acute; Concave or almost no concave, with irregular edges of the serrated, the inside surface has 3-5 wavy or nearly straight fold. Flowering from April to May, fruit in July.

Habitat Division Ecological environment: 1. Born in the hillside and under the forest wet place.

2. Born in the sea under the forest or the valley next to the mud on the walls.

Distribution of resources: 1. Distribution in the south of the Yangtze River and Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu and other places.

2. Distribution in the east, south, southwest and Shaanxi, Gansu and other places.

Traits 1. Rhododendron blue dry fake bulbs were round spherical or slightly flat, 1-2cm in diameter, the appearance of brown or gray-brown, with small wrinkles. The top of a circular track; bottom depression at the fibrous roots, fibrous roots about 1-3cm, thick 1-2mm; waist with concave or protruding link, commonly known as the belt. False ball surrounded by the sparse or dense golden yellow filamentous hair and black fine to be. Or have to be the root and skin are removed. Quality solid, inner yellow or white or black, rough. Tasteless, slightly fragrant, with water sticky. To a large, full, yellow and white section, the quality of those who are better.

2. Dried garlic orchids are round spherical or irregular mass, diameter 1-1.5cm, the top gradually protruding, the base of umbilical, fibrous roots or fibrous roots. Belt is often concave in the Department, it is not obvious, hit the skin surface was yellowish white, light yellow or grayish yellow, with the skin was light brown or brown, smooth, or wrinkles and deep ditch. Hard, hard to break, cross-section keratin translucent. Gas weak, slightly bitter taste, slightly sticky. In addition to the above varieties, there are only garlic oryzae of Yunnan alone. Pleioneyunnanensis (Rolfe) Rolfe (see Auricularia aurantii) and a mountain orchid plant ice hockey Oreorchispatens (Lindl.) Lindl. (Sichuan), O.FoliosaLindl. (Tibet) and other false ball stems, but also for the mountain Cixi medicine.

Chemical composition: Rhododendron rhizome with mucus and glucomannan (Gluco-mannan, mannose: glucose (2: 1).

Pharmacological effects Rhododendron Ⅱ (15ug / kg) iv can make the blood pressure from 14.2kPa (10> mmHg) down to 9.07kPa (168mmHg), antihypertensive effect for> 30min.

Concocted in addition to the root, washed, soaked in water for 2-4 hours, remove the run through, sliced, dried. Mashed can also be used.

Taste sweet; slightly Xin; cold; small poison

Meridian: liver; stomach;

Indications: Qingrejiedu; swelling Sanjie. The main ulcer evil sore; scrofula tuberculosis; throat throat paralysis; snake, insect bites

Dosage Oral: Jiantang, 3-6g; or grinding juice; or into the pills, scattered. Topical: appropriate amount, grinding juice coated; or powder into powder.

Each discussion 1. "Materia Medica new": mountain Sage, Yu Shudan in the king, can cure strange disease. About strange disease from the sputum, mountain Sister is phlegm of the drug, cure phlegm and strange disease since the addition also. Or suspected mountain Sister non-phlegm of the drug, is also scattered drug medicine also. I do not know the poison was not for the sputum, and the sputum of the knot for the poison, is sputum and poison, is not two as also. 2. "Materia Medica justice": mountain thieves in the name, first seen in the "Jiayou Materia Medica", then Chen possession of "Supplements" already, the name of the gold light, that is, its flowers also. Can be scattered knot, phlegm detoxification, its force quite Jun, so that all small poison, do not think that oral administration of medicine. To Wang Mu "hundred one election", there are too B Zijin Dan, also known as Yu Shudan, now the purple gold ingot is also available, the card can be deposited,,the card can be served, the most effective effect. Then with the halberd, thousands of gold cream, musk, are Tongli fast disease of the goods, so driving speed, effective. And seriously ill even served, will be under the next, is to attack the evil for the full-time, the force of the fierce can be seen. This are used to clean up the stomach, get rid of fouling, to reduce the evil by the potential of the mausoleum, nor can pass the hundred pulse, And the smell of light, to the quality of the use, so the ancient times into the decoction, close to the people into the fried side, that product of the accumulation of the law, such as scrofula Lì plot like the use of all, and can not take effect, then In order to stop the matter can not, but not side by side, its strength, although Jun, and no Xuanhua pass through the nature, how can line in the limbs context. Gastrointestinal disease, such as food product qi stagnation, chest abdominal discomfort, Yushu a little bit, then instantaneous effect. Which Yi Yi, but also deep thinking carry on. 3. "Herbal Supplements": the main carbuncle swollen fistula, M. scrofulaceum tuberculosis, vinegar mill deposited, but also in addition to the Gǎn. 4. "Southern Yunnan Materia Medica": eliminate Yin sputum, only cough, cure throat Bi, only sore throat. Poisoning sore, attack ulcer, apply sores swollen poison, pus who collapse, no pus people eliminate. 5. "outline": the main boil swollen, attack broken skin. Solution poison, snake worms, rabies injury. 6. "Materia Medica and then new": governance Fan hot sputum fire, sores boiled fever pox, scrofula tuberculosis. Kill insect poison. 7. "Pharmacology of Chinese medicine": for sticky slip drugs. For vomiting diarrhea and so on.

Excerpt: "Chinese Materia Medica""

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