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"Dictionary of traditional Chinese medicine": rat women

Name of medicine: rat women

Pinyin: Shǔ Fù

Alias: Yi Wei ("The Book of Songs"), Pan, the mouse negative ("Ya"), negative Pan,
Yī yù("the"), the millet ("said"), negative ("Guang Ya") ("Shumu God"), rat worms, wet raw insects ("San Hui Fang"), the chicken ("Shou domain God side"), ("Chinese medicinal herbs"), wet insects ("Chinese medicine"), the local lice ("the herb"), the " ("Quanzhou Materia Medica"), dark board insects ("full exhibition selected surgery"), shoes insects (Inner Mongolia "Chinese herbal medicine" (Chinese herbal medicine), pea insects, ladybugs, tidal insects ("herbs"), New medical information selection ").

Source "The Book"

Source for the mouse gynecological animal flat beetle dry all. Generally more in the 4 to 9 months to catch, after catching with boiling water burned, dried or fried dry.

The original shape of the body long oval, slightly flat, about 10 mm; surface gray, shiny. The center of the head and its left and right side of the protrusion was significant. There are 1 pairs of eyes, 2 pairs of antennae, the first pair of antennae is small. A total of three sections; the second pair of tentacles were whip, a total of 6 knots. Chest part of the seven links, each section has the same shape of the same pair of feet; the first chest forward to the front of the head, the rear side of the rear protruding, the second to seventh sections of the lateral protrusion is not significant. Abdomen small, divided into five links, the first and second abdominal narrow, third to fifth side of the abdomen side neat and round. Tail limb flat, limb and fifth abdominal fitting chimping.

Habitat Division often living in the dead wood, dead leaves, stones, etc. below. Distribution of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places.

Traits of dry insects, multi-curled into a spherical or semicircular, about 7 mm, 6 mm wide; back smooth, abdominal to the retraction. Body gray, shiny. Brittle and brittle. Gas stench. To dry, complete, gray, no mildew is better.

Main production in Jiangsu.

General literature mostly Porcellio scaber Latreille for rat women, but in the current commodity, rarely used.

Chemical composition of flat beetles also sugar and glycogen content due to the growth period of change; its mucopolysaccharide containing chondroitin sulfate A or C, or containing glass (sugar aldehyde) acid contained in the soap is not saponified 10%, acetone Insoluble fat 5%, saponified fatty acid composition of tetradecanoic acid 0.7, hexadecanoic acid 20.6, octadecanoic acid 8.3, sour acid 0.7, octadecenoic acid 53.7, octadecadienoic acid 10.1, octadecatriene Acid 2.5, other unsaturated fatty acid 3.2%; unsaponifiable matter containing 41.0% sterol, which is mainly cholesterol, may also contain formic acid.

Pharmacological effects of women and women in Europe and the production of flat beetles in chloroform extraction, and then ethanol, acetone, ether to sub-refined, and finally made of solution or tablet, oral or made ointment local application can treat leprosy.

Chopped to pick the net impurity.

Taste: acid, cool.

① "Do not record": "slightly cold, non-toxic."

② "by the original": "salty, non-toxic."

Owned by "outline": "Jue Yin by."

Indications: broken blood, water, detoxification, pain. Treatment of malaria malaria, the closure of Zhengjia, urine barrier, shocked mouth, mouth pain, the emperor sores.

① "the Bible": "the main gas can not urinate, the woman on the closure of blood Zhengjia, epilepsy,
Chì, cold and heat, water channel."

② "Japanese chemical herbs": "pass urine, can abortion."

③ "outline": "treatment of malaria cold and cold, wind and insect teeth pain, pediatric mouth mouth convulsions, thrush, pox sore, untreated, spider poison,
Yóu snapped into the ear.

④ "Materia Medica of the original": "the main cold and heat stagnant, wet sputum, throat disease, epilepsy, blood disease, wheezing."

Usage and dosage Oral: Jiantang, 1 ~ 2 money, also into the pills, scattered. Topical: fine powder deposited.

Pay attention to "goods essence": "pregnancy can not serve."

① treatment of malaria: rat women, lobster sauce twenty-seven, together pound, so phase and, not when the service two pills, hair when the service a pill. ("Fill the elbow behind")

② governance by the closed: mouse money, red peony four money, peach three money, safflower three money, salvia five money. Shuijianbi. ("Shandong Chinese herbal medicine manual")

③ governance pediatric mouth and write: murine worms, twisted juice, and children with a little served. ("San Hui Fang")

④ after the production of postoperative urine adverse: rat seven. Boil for the debris, for a service, wine under the tune. ("Daughter")

⑤ rule of urine adverse: the mouse a daughter of money five cents, the first son of four money, Alisma three money, the heart of a money. Shuijianbi. ("Shandong Chinese herbal medicine manual")

⑥ treatment of blood shower: rat nine. Drying research fine, a service, the second time. ("Jilin Chinese herbal medicine")

⑦ governance uterus functional bleeding: rat baking yellow powder into powder, each serving two money, children will be sent. (Inner Mongolia "Chinese herbal medicine new medical information selection")

⑧ governance teeth were worms, there are cavities pain: a wet tissue. Mian wrapped in the pain at the bite of the bite. ("San Hui Fang")

⑨ governance teeth pain: wet raw insects, croton, pepper each one. Smoothing, rice balls mung bean, cotton wrapped in a pill biting, a long time saliva spit to go. ("Experience of the world")

⑩ pain and sedation, surgery after surgery pain: rat women wash, warm water to kill, dry, small study, sifting, adding starch and sugar, made into 10% powder, sub-capsule, each containing 0.1 grams of rat women. Each serving two to four tablets. ("Full exhibition of surgery")

⑾ governance goose white sore: ground chicken painted water painted. ("Longevity of God")

Each of the discussion "by the Shu": "the mother and woman with water, white fish also benefit the water, and all blood cross resistance, but the white fish is the main cold and wet gas, and blood; Blood, due to damp heat, so there is a cloud.

Clinical application:
① treatment of chronic bronchitis

The rats were crushed and treated with 60% alcohol to form 0.3 and 0.5 grams of tablets. 0.5 grams of tablets each 2 to 5 tablets, 0.3 grams of tablets each time 3 to 8 tablets, were served 3 times, 15 days for a course of treatment. A total of 247 cases, the recent recovery of 24 cases, markedly effective in 71 cases, 107 cases of progressive, ineffective in 45 cases. The total effective rate of 81.8%, of which the asthmatic effective rate of 83.4%, simple type 79.4%. To lung and kidney and cold side of the better effect. On the asthma, cough, sputum have a certain effect. Asthma effect generally in the medication after 2 to 4 hours, for 4 to 6 hours. 10 to 15 days after serving cough, sputum, asthma have been significantly reduced, but the anti-inflammatory effect is not, Treatment of 80 patients had pulmonary function determination, more than half of cases after treatment improved, including 1 case of function 9 (normal. This product is generally applicable to non-inflammatory asthma patients with bronchitis. Treatment has been found in three Pulmonary tuberculosis with chronic bronchitis emphysema patients, medication 2 to 3 months after the symptoms were significantly reduced, but the trial for bronchial asthma, the effect is not significant.To consider the mouse with stasis and blood circulation, may improve the pulmonary microvascular circulation, Recovery, so as to improve lung function, so that wheezing. Side effects: Most of the medication after a different degree of dry mouth reaction, 3 cases of service after the nose bleeding, withdrawal after their own disappear.

② treatment of stomatitis, tonsillitis

Take the rodents 30 to 40, set the tile on the drying into powder, add a little bit of ice, bottled sealed. At the same time take the end of the drug to take the affected area (try not to swallow, can then spit out), 2 to 3 times a day, the treatment of stomatitis, tonsillitis and thrush, gingivitis, a total of more than 260 cases, generally 3 to 5 days to cure.

Excerpts: "Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine""

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