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Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Corrugated Seeds

Wǎ Lénɡ Zǐ


Clam shell ("Compendium of Materia Medica"), Walongzi ("Danxi Xinfa"), Clam shell ("Mengquan of Materia Medica"), Kui clam shell ("Pinhui Jingyao"), flower clam shell ("Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine") "Handbook"), Walong clam skin ("Chinese Medicine Chronicles"), blood clam skin ("Shandong Chinese Herbal Medicine Handbook").

"Ben Herbal Preparation"


The source of medicinal materials: the shells of the cockles, the cockles and the cockles.

Latin plant animal mineral name: 1. Sapharca inflata (Reeve) [Arca inflata Reeve] 2. Tegillarca granosa (Linnaeus) [Arca granosa Linnaeus] 3. Scapharca subcrenata (Lischke) [Arca subcrenata Lischke]

It is the shell of the cockroach, mud cockroach or hair cockroach. It is collected in shallow sea sediment in spring and autumn. After harvesting, wash the silt, boil it in boiling water, remove the meat and remove the shell, and dry in the sun.
habitat distribution

Mainly produced in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong, Liaoning and other places.
original form

The animal morphology is detailed in the "Clam" section.

The shell is fan-shaped or triangular, the left and right shells are the same shape, or the left shell is slightly larger than the right shell. 2.5 to 8 cm long and 2 to 6 cm wide. The back is uplifted, with dozens of straight corrugations like corrugated ridges, radiating from the top to the surrounding, with obvious corrugations, which are alternately gray-brown and white. The inner surface of the shell is milky white and smooth, and the upper edge has a corresponding depression corresponding to the rib, forming a prominent serration. The quality is hard, can be smashed, and the section is white. No gas, light taste. To be neat, clean, no meat residue, no sand is better.

Corrugated seeds: washed, sun-dried, crushed. Calcined corrugated: Take the corrugated and put it in the crucible, calcined it in a smokeless furnace until it becomes red and translucent, take it out and let it cool, then crush it.

"Rihuazi Materia Medica": "Where the corrugated seeds are used and aged for a long time, charcoal fire is calcined red, rice vinegar is quenched for three degrees, fire poison is produced, and powder is ground."
return to the classics

Enter the liver and spleen meridians.

① "Materia Medica Seeking Truth": "Into the liver."

② "Division of Medicines": "Enter the Qi, Lung, and Spleen meridians."
Sexual taste

Gan Xian, flat.

① "Materia Medica Mengquan": "Salt taste, temperature, non-toxic."

② "Outline": "sweet and salty, flat, non-toxic."
Indications of function

Relieves phlegm, softens firmness, disperses blood stasis, and eliminates accumulation. Treatment of accumulation of phlegm, stomach pain, noisy, sour vomiting, scrofula, scrofula, chancre.

① "Rihuazi Materia Medica": "Burning vinegar and quenching, vinegar pills, cure all blood, air-conditioning, symptoms."

② "Daily Use Materia Medica": "The power of eliminating phlegm is the greatest, and it is used for phlegm to separate diseases."

③ "Danxi Heart Method": "It can eliminate blood clots and phlegm."

④ "Outline": "Even the meat is burnt to survive, and it is applied to children's chancre."

⑤ "Yi Lin Ji Yao": "Remove all phlegm accumulation, blood accumulation, gas block, broken disease, and attack scrofula."

⑥ "Modern Practical Chinese Medicine": "For children with rickets, pulmonary tuberculosis, lymph node tuberculosis embolism."

⑦ "Shandong Handbook of Chinese Herbal Medicine": "To relieve soreness and pain, and to cure ulcer disease."

Oral administration: decoction (should be fried for a long time), 3 to 5 money; or into pills, powder. External use: powdered for application.

① To treat stomach pain and vomiting acid water, suffocation, or even vomiting blood:

Corrugated seeds (calcined with vinegar seven times) are nine taels, squid bones are six taels, and wide skins are three taels (fried). Grind very finely, three times a day, take two money each time, and send it with boiled water after eating. ("Experience Square")

②Treat all qi and blood stasis, and the second can eliminate phlegm: burn the tile ridge, quench it with vinegar for three degrees, bury it and make it bad, vinegar ointment pills. (Walongzi Pills from "Wan's Family Copying Recipe")

③ Treatment of menstrual pain and blood is not enough, press it hard and full, and those who are really painful: Walongzi (calcined red, vinegar quenched seven times), Cyperus officinalis, peach kernel, Danpi, Chuanxiong, Sichuan rhubarb, angelica, safflower. Wine paste pills. ("Women's Fingers and Palms" Corrugated Pills)
Clinical application

Treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcer: Take 5 taels of corrugated seeds (calcined) and 1 tael of licorice, grind them into fine powder, 10 grams each time, 3 times a day, before meals. Or 20 grams each time, 20 minutes before the onset of rhythmic pain. After treatment of 124 cases, the shortest course of treatment was 20 days and the longest course was 56 days, and 59 cases were cured, accounting for 47.58%. Cure criteria are disappearance of main symptoms, negative occult blood, stable condition after long-term observation, disappearance of niche in X-ray examination or stable deformation of bulb before and after treatment. 48 cases improved, accounting for 38.79%. Improvement means that the symptoms basically disappear or alleviate, the occult blood turns negative or weakly positive, the niche shadow on X-ray examination shrinks or does not disappear, and the bulb is deformed and unstable. Invalid 17 cases, accounting for 13.71%. The total effective rate is 89.19%. In some cases, the pain can be relieved within 5 minutes of taking it. Generally, there are no side effects, but individual cases have facial edema, hematuria, cloudy urine and recurrence of urinary tract infection.
"Chinese Medicine Dictionary"

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