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Chinese Pharmacopoeia: Centipede
Wú Gōnɡ
centipede, millipede, centipede, centipede
English name:

This product is the dried body of the centipede Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans L. Koch. Captured in spring and summer, insert a bamboo piece into the head and tail, stretch it straight, and dry it.

This product is flat and elongated, 9-15cm long and 0.5-1cm wide. It consists of head and torso, with a total of 22 links. The head is dark red or reddish-brown, slightly shiny, covered with a head plate, the head plate is nearly round, the front end is slightly protruding, a pair of jaw limbs are attached on both sides, and there are a pair of antennae on both sides of the front end. The first dorsal plate of the trunk is the same color as the head plate, and the remaining 20 dorsal plates are brownish green or dark green, with luster. There are often two longitudinal groove lines from the fourth to the twentieth dorsal plate; the abdomen is pale yellow or Brownish-yellow, shrunken; from the second segment onwards, there are a pair of feet on both sides of each segment; the feet are yellow or reddish-brown, occasionally yellow-white, in the shape of a hook, and the last pair of feet is tail-shaped, so it is also called Tail foot, easy to fall off. Brittle, fractured section. The gas is slightly fishy, ​​with a special pungent odor, acrid and slightly salty.

Store in a dry place, prevent mildew and moths.

Bamboo slices, washed, lightly browned and cut into sections.
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Sexual taste:
Pungent, warm; poisonous.

Pregnant women are prohibited.

Function Indications:
Relieves wind and relieves spasm, works toxin and dissipates stagnation, and relieves pain by dredging collaterals. For children with convulsions, convulsions, crooked mouth, hemiplegia, tetanus, rheumatism, sores, scrofula, snake bites.

"Chinese Pharmacopoeia"

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Product basic attributes
Shelf Life: 365 days
Storage: Dry storage, low temperature refrigeration
Organic or inorganic organic

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