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Aliases: chicken intestine, corn vine, black vine drill, rabbit intestine, triangle vine, chaff vine

Source: This product is the dry root of Morinda officinalis How, a Rubiaceae plant. All year round, it can be excavated, washed, and fibrous roots removed, sun-dried to 60 to 70% dry, lightly beaten, and sun-dried.

Properties: This product is flat cylindrical, slightly curved, varying in length and 0.5-2cm in diameter. The surface is gray-yellow or dark gray, with longitudinal lines and transverse cracks, and some of the leather part is separated laterally to expose the wood part; the texture is tough, the cross-section leather part is thick, purple or lavender, easy to peel from the wood part; the wood part is hard, yellow-brown Or yellowish-white, 1~5mm in diameter. Odorless, sweet and slightly astringent.

Identify the cross section of this product: the cork layer is a series of cells. The stone cells on the outer cortex are singly or in groups, arranged intermittently in a ring; the parenchyma cells contain calcium oxalate needle crystal bundles, arranged tangentially. The phloem is broad, and the inner parenchyma cells contain calcium oxalate needle crystal bundles, which are arranged axially. The cambium is obvious. Xylem vessels are scattered individually or 2-3 clusters, arranged radially, with a diameter of 105μm; wood fibers are more developed; wood rays are wide 1 to 3 rows of cells; occasionally, non-woody wood parenchyma cell clusters.

Powder lavender or purple brown. Stone cells are light yellow, round, square, rectangular, long or irregular, some are pointed at one end, with a diameter of 21~96μm, and a wall thickness of 39μm. Some have obvious layer patterns, pits and pores. Obviously, some stone cells are large in shape and slightly thicker. Calcium oxalate needle crystals mostly exist in parenchyma cells in bundles, and the needle crystals grow to 184 μm. The marginal pits are light yellow, with a diameter of 105μm, and the marginal pits are fine. The fiber tracheids are long fusiform, with large marginal pores, and the pits are obliquely slit or intersecting herringbone or cross-shaped.

Process Morinda officinalis: Take the pure Morinda citrifolia, steam it thoroughly according to the steaming method (Appendix II D), remove the wood core while it is hot, cut into sections, and dry. Salt Morinda officinalis: Take pure Morinda officinalis, steam it thoroughly according to the salt steaming method (Appendix II D), remove the wood core while it is hot, cut into sections, and dry. Preparation of Morinda officinalis: Take licorice, mash, add water to decoction, remove the residue, add pure Morinda officinalis, mix well, cook thoroughly according to the cooking method (Appendix IID), remove the wood core while hot, cut into sections, and dry. For every 100kg of Morinda officinalis, use 6kg of licorice.

Nature and flavor: sweet, pungent, lukewarm.

Return meridian: return to kidney and liver meridian.

Functions and indications: invigorating kidney yang, strengthening muscles and bones, and eliminating rheumatism Used for impotence and nocturnal emission, cold uterus and infertility, irregular menstruation, cold pain in the abdomen, rheumatism arthralgia, soft muscles and bones.

Usage: The dosage is 3-9g.

Storage: Store in a ventilated and dry place to prevent mildew and moth.

Excerpt: "Chinese Pharmacopoeia"
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