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"Name of medicine:

Pinyin: ān Mó Lè

Alias: Phyllanthus emblica ("Linzi alien"), Yu Gan ("Tang Materia Medica"), Umiao Kuojia fruit ("outline"), Wang fruit ("Chinese tree taxonomy"), oil Ganzi ("Guangzhou Flora" ("Nanning City Drug Spring"), Olive ("Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine"), Laryngeal, Fish Fruit ("Guangxi Medicinal Directory"), Yunnan Olive ("Yunnan Chinese Herbal Medicine").

Source: "Tang Materia Medica"

Source for the Euphorbiaceae plant orange fruit. 9 ~ October fruit ripe harvest, dried.

The original form of citrus ("Lingnan medicinal record") deciduous shrubs or small trees, up to 7 meters high. Leaves leafed on thin branches, few sessile, densely and distinctly distinct 2 rows, mostly pinnate leaves; leaf blade linearly rounded, ca. 1 cm, apex obtuse; stipules linear-lanceolate. Flowers sepals 5 to 6, obovate-shaped rounded, less than 2 mm; petals absent; male flowers stalked, extremely numerous, palvate glands Very small, anthers 3 to 5, long oval, erect on a short column; female flowers near sessile, often alone and male flowers mixed in the upper leaf axils, ovary half hidden in a circular disk. Fruit fleshy, about 1.5 cm in diameter, round and slightly hexagonal, early yellow-green, cooked into red. Flowering from April to May.

Habitat division of Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Taiwan and other places.

Traits dry fruit was round or irregular round, micro-six-shaped, about 2 cm in diameter; surface tan, rough, with a small verrucous protrusions, the base of the dotted fruit stalk traces. Quality solid, not broken, broken after the yellow was white; seeds are not big. Gas micro, taste sweet and astringent. It is better to dry, full, no fruit and blade dopant.

Chemical composition: fruit contains a lot of vitamin C (1.0 ~ 1.8%), and the content is stable. Still contains tannins, which are glucose gallocarpine, gallic acid, gallic acid, tannin real essence, pristine acid, divinyl leccinic acid, burley acid, 3,6-diogalactose dextrose. Dried fruit containing 4 ~ 9% acid. Peel containing gallic acid and citric acid and other phenolic acids. The seeds contain about 26% of the fixed oil, the oil contains 8% linoleic acid, 44% linoleic acid, 28.4% oleic acid, 2.2% stearic acid, 3.0% palmitic acid, 1% myristic acid.

Pharmacological effects: dried fruit, first with 80% alcohol extraction, and then ether extraction, acidification of hydrochloric acid can be a good antibacterial active substances; staphylococcus, Salmonella typhi, paratyphoid bacillus, Escherichia coli and Shigella are inhibited, No effect on fungi.

Fruit extract to the rabbit can increase the body weight and total protein content in the blood without changing the ratio between the protein parts, indicating that it has assimilation.

The water extract of the same plant Phyllanthus niruri L. leaves has hypoglycemic effect.

Taste: bitter, cold

① "Tang Materia Medica": "bitter sweet, cold, non-toxic."

② "herbal medicine": "bitter sweet and sour, slightly cold, non-toxic."

By the "Sichuan Chinese medicine Chi": "spleen, stomach two by."

Indications: phlegm, Sheng Jin, cough, detoxification. Treatment of cold fever, cough, sore throat, diphtheria, trouble hot mouth dry.

① "Tang Materia Medica": "the main wind virtual heat."

② "Materia Medica Supplements": "the main benefit, strong strength. Take the sub-pressure juice and oil Tudu hair, to the wind itch, the first Tu hair off, epigenetic paint.

③ "sea medicine herbal medicine": "the Lord on the gas cough."

④ "Nanning City Drugs": "cool detoxification, governance throat Bi."

⑤ Guangzhou troops "commonly used Chinese herbal medicine manual": "lungs and phlegm, Shengjinzhike."

Dosage Oral: Jiantang, 2 to 4 money. Topical: Daozhi Tu.

① treatment of cold fever, cough, sore throat, dry mouth polydipsia, vitamin C deficiency: fresh Yugan fruit ten to thirty. Shuijianbi. (Guangzhou troops "commonly used Chinese herbal medicine manual")

② governance diphtheria: Yunnan olive pound, Scrophulariaceae, licorice each one or two. Cold water bubble to frost, take cream with cotton paper spread after drying, plus Mawei dragon gentian powder two money, borneol five points, fried white fruit powder five money, throat with.

③ treatment of asthma: Yunnan olive twenty - one, first boiled pig heart and lung, to float with olive cooked soup to eat.

④ governance puffer fish poisoning: Yunnan olive raw eat and swallow, and can cure fish bone throat. (② side below the "Kunming folk commonly used herbs")

Note: the roots of the plant (oil orange root), bark (oil citrus leather), leaves (oil orange leaves) also for medicinal purposes, the details of the article.

This product has olive users in Yunnan area, see "olive" article.

Excerpts: "Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine"
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The twice-liquid mixed together in two portions 2 times, before meals
Appliances; medicine or container casserole, enamel ware, stainless steel is appropriate. Do not use iron
Add water: soak in cold water for 30-60 minutes the drug was first Aoyao plus flooding Emulsion 2-5 cm, the second Aoyao slightly higher water Emulsion suffering.
Furnace: after the start of the fire low heat slowly fry.
Usually a decoction of fried Jian Fei after 25-30 minutes, boil 20-25 minutes is appropriate after two Jianfei:
Usually a decoction decoction relieving Jian Fei fried after 15-20 minutes, after two Jianfei boil 10-15 minutes is appropriate:
General tonic decoction decoction of a fried Jian Fei after 40-60 minutes, boil 30-40 minutes is appropriate after two Jianfei:
Use: morning and evening or afternoon conventional hot once the service.
Tonic to be taken before meals, stomach irritation drug should be taken after meals.
Through laxatives, tranquilizers need bedtime.
During the taking, who belongs to the cold greasy, fishy not digestible, irritating foods should be avoided.
Store herbs should be taken depending on the different types of measures to ensure that dry to prevent mildew, prevent insects, rats hazard. Generally during storage at room temperature 15 degrees to 18 degrees, corresponding to hinder humidity 20-50% is appropriate. Not timely Spent herbs placed in a cool ventilated, cool, dry place for storage or into the refrigerator.
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