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[English name] ARISAEMA CUM BILE

[Source] This product is made of fine powder of Tiannanxing and processed by

cattle, sheep or pig bile, or fermented by raw Tiannanxing fine powder and

cattle, sheep or pig bile.


1 method): Mill the Tiannanxing powder, add the appropriate amount of bovine

bile in the pot, mix it into a paste (every 200 kg of Nanxing, add 1000 times

of the juice of the beef gallbladder 3 times), dry the sun to dry, then grind

into Powder, add bile and mix well to form a paste. This is repeated until

the bile is completely blotted, and the color is black and there is no spicy


2 method): Grinding Nanxing powder for every 130 kg, using 1000 aqueous

solutions of bovine bile (you can first dilute the bile in a copper pot,

about 100 kg into 5 kg, add appropriate amount of water to dilute) Paste, set

the outside sun and night dew for 1 to 2 weeks (anti-rain), in addition to

its suffocating, dry after sapphire.

The current production of South Star,, 1 kg of fine powder with 10 beef broth,

juice water about 40 two, the concentrated bile mixed with it, made into a

small piece of sun drying night until dry.

3 methods): 60 kg of Tiannanxing and 420 of beef bile. Wash the Tiannanxing

with water and dry it, put it in the tank and mix it with the bile juice, and

expose it to the sun (winter in the warm room), and stir it constantly to

make the Nanxing ferment. After half a month, put it in a special two-layer

steamer and divide it. Put 120 bovine bile in two pots, steam for 3 days,

then put the pot into the tank after cold, and ferment again; after 1 month,

steam again, put 90 bovine juice, steam for 3 days (avoid water Inflow),

after the pan, put into a special large aluminum pan or enamel pan, dry, and

then steam for 12 hours, placed on a slate, made into a spherical block, and

put into the beef bile to dry.

[Properties] This product is in the shape of a square or a cylinder. Brownish

yellow, beige or brownish black. Hard. The gas is slightly sorrowful and



(1) The powder of this product is yellowish brown. The parenchyma cells are

round and full of gelatinized starch granules. The calcium oxalate needle

bundle has a length of 20 to 90 μm. Threaded and annular conduits are 8 to

60 μm in diameter.

(2) Take 0.2g of this product powder, add 5ml of water, shake it, filter it,

take 2ml of filtrate into the test tube, add 0.5ml of fresh furfural solution

(1→100), add 2ml of sulfuric acid along the tube wall, and connect the two

liquids. There is a reddish brown ring.

[Sexual tastes return to the classics] bitter, slightly spicy, cool. Return

to the lungs, liver, spleen.

[Functions and Indications] Clearing away heat and suffocating. For hot

cough, phlegm and yellow thick, stroke fascination, mad epilepsy.

[Usage and Dosage] 3 ~ 6g.

[Storage] Set in a dry and ventilated place.

[Excerpt] "National Chinese Herbal Medicine Compilation"

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