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Pinyin: Dà Fù Pí

English name: PERICARPIUM ARECAE, Arece Peel, Betelnut Peel

Latin name of plant, animal and mineral: Areca catechu L.

Source: This product is the dried peel of Areca catechu L., a palm plant. Immature fruits are harvested from winter to next spring, boiled and dried, cut in two longitudinally, peeled off the peel, commonly known as "big belly peel"; harvest mature fruits from late spring to early autumn, boil and dry, peel off the peel, It is loosened and dried, and it is called "big belly hair".

Traits: Abdominal skin: Slightly oval or long oval-shaped scoop-shaped, 4-7cm long, 2-3.5cm wide, and 0.2-0.5cm thick. The exocarp is dark brown to nearly black, with irregular longitudinal wrinkles and raised horizontal lines, with stylus scars at the top, fruit stalks and remaining sepals at the base. The endocarp is sunken, brown or dark brown, smooth and crusty. Light body, hard, mesocarp fibers can be seen after longitudinal tearing. Slight smell, slightly astringent taste.

Big belly hair: slightly oval or scoop-shaped. Most of the exocarp has fallen off or remains. The mesocarp is brown hairy, yellowish white or light brown, loose and soft. The endocarp is crusty, yellow-brown to brown, with a smooth inner surface, sometimes broken longitudinally. Odorless and light taste.

Identification: The powder of this product is yellowish white or yellowish brown. The mesocarp fibers are bundled, slender, 8-15μm in diameter, micro-woody, with obvious pores, and the surrounding cells contain round clusters of siliceous masses with a diameter of about 8μm. The endocarp cells are irregular polygonal, round or elliptical, with a diameter of 48-88 μm, with obvious pores.

Concocted belly skin: remove impurities, wash, cut into sections, and dry.

Abdominal hair: remove impurities, wash and dry.

Nature: spicy, lukewarm.

Return meridian to spleen, stomach, large intestine, small intestine meridian.

Functions and indications: Lower qi is wide and moderate, and swelling is reduced by water. It is used for damp stagnation, abdominal distension and stuffiness, uncomfortable stool, swelling of water, edema of beriberi, and poor urination.

Usage: The dosage is 4.5-9g.

Storage: Store in a dry place.

Excerpt: "Chinese Pharmacopoeia"

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