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Pinyin: Dà Jì

English name: Japanese Thistle Herb

Aliases: General grass, Niukou spur, Spur grass

The source is the aerial part of Cirsium japokicum DC. In summer and autumn, the above-ground parts are cut and dried or used fresh.

The original form of perennial herb, 0.5-1m high. The roots are clustered, conical, fleshy, and the surface is brown. The stem is erect, with fine longitudinal stripes, and white silky hairs at the base. The basal leaves are clustered, stalked, oblanceolate or obovate-lanceolate, 15-30cm long, pinnately deeply parted, with dentate margins, needle-pricked teeth, sparse white silky hairs on the top, and bottom The veins have long hairs; the stems and leaves are alternate, and the base is heart-shaped. The inflorescence is terminal; the involucre is bell-shaped and covered with spider filamentous hairs; the involucre is 4-6 layers, lanceolate, and the outer layer is shorter; the flowers are bisexual, tubular, purple; the anthers have appendages at the top and the base tail. The achene is oblong, with multiple crests, feathery, and dark gray. Flowering period from May to August, fruiting period from June to August.

Habitat: The branch was born in mountains, roadsides, and wastelands. Produced in most parts of the country.

Chemical composition: Contains volatile oil and biogenic alkali; fresh leaves contain pectolinarin.

Nature and flavor: cool in nature, sweet and bitter in taste.

Functions and indications: cooling blood to stop bleeding, removing blood stasis and reducing swelling. It is used for bleeding in the nose, vomiting blood, hematuria, hematochezia, uterine bleeding, traumatic bleeding, carbuncle and sore.

Remarks: The root is also used as medicine, and the effect is the same as the aerial part.

Excerpt: "Chinese Medicine Dictionary"

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