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Eucommia tea
Eucommia tea is the plant Eucommia leaves as raw materials, the traditional tea processing and traditional Chinese medicine Pieces processing methods made of healthy drinks, taste slightly bitter and back to sweet mouth. Often drink healthy, drink a cup of health before going to bed is extremely high, without any side effects, easy to drink.
In general, you can grow in the beginning of Eucommia leaves, the most vigorous growth, the bud will be open, or in full bloom and fruit seeds are still mature when harvest, to do Eucommia tea,
1, liver and kidney
Chinese ancient well-known medical scientist Li Shizhen book "Compendium of Materia Medica" records "Eucommia, can enter the liver and kidney, fill in the benefits of fine gas, strong bones, strong Chi, governance kidney deficiency back pain, Jiufu, light body resistance" For the Chinese medicine top grade has 2000 years of history.
Eucommia ulmoides in the flower of aucubin has obvious liver activity, can promote the regeneration of liver cells, can significantly inhibit the replication of hepatitis B virus DNA, and can promote the accumulation of glycogen, increase blood sugar levels, protect the liver. At the same time, scientific research shows that Eucommia leaves and leather chemical composition is basically the same, in the pharmacological efficacy of Eucommia leaves and skin with the same effect. Contains an excitatory pituitary, adrenal cortex system, continuous enhancement of the role of adrenal cortical function (secretion of steroid hormones), to improve sexual function. So the impotence, nocturnal emission and kidney deficiency have a better effect.
2, antihypertensive lipid-lowering
Du Zhongxiong contains pine resin alcohol glycosides, peach leaves, chlorogenic acid, polysaccharides and other active ingredients have lower blood pressure, lowering blood lipid effect. The test proved that the effective rate of 92% or more, and the pressure continued without any side effects.
3, to enhance immunity
Du Zhongxiong flowers rich in polysaccharide active substances, can enhance the body immunity, with two-way regulation of cellular immune function, so that the body's immune function is always in good condition. At the same time to participate in the regulation of cardiovascular, to maintain human health is very favorable.
4, general diuresis
Treatment of constipation with special effects. Eucommia tea in the leaves of aucine with diuretic, laxative, enhance the role of intestinal peristalsis, effective for constipation. As the organic Eucommia tea can effectively remove the body of garbage, decomposition of cholesterol and solid fat, and even may have individual sensitive type of body has just begun to appear trace of rare phenomenon, remove some of the body after the garbage and adapt to normal. So it is recognized that the constipation and obese people on the good drink, you can relieve constipation, reduce fat, stable blood pressure. In addition, it is also beneficial for diuretic.
5, soothe the nerves sleep
Du Zhongxiong natural active ingredients are soothe the nerves, sedative and analgesic effect, long-term use can significantly improve sleep. This is particularly suitable for patients who should not drink insomnia.
Eucommia flowers contain essential collagen, which has the effect of promoting the development of muscle strength, the active ingredient lignans have anti-fatigue effect is very obvious for long-term work in the room and the lack of exercise of the crowd has a significant effect.
6, beauty beauty
The aging of the skin is mainly due to the loss of elasticity of the collagen protein between the skin cells of the skin. The natural active ingredient contained in the male flower can delay the senescence of the original protein, accelerate the metabolism of the collagen protein and improve the synthesis ability of the collagen protein. Delay skin wrinkling and aging, increase skin luster.
At the same time, long-term use of Eucommia, can promote blood circulation and metabolic function, promote brain cell activation, to prevent senile dementia.
7, to improve obesity
Continuous use of Eucommia for more than a month, can significantly reduce the human subcutaneous and viscera around the neutral fat and content, do not exercise, do not change the diet, to prevent obesity and weight loss. Eucommia can promote the metabolism of collagen proteins that link cells and cell functions, and accelerate the synthesis of other proteins, consuming in vivo energy, thereby naturally reducing the amount of neutral fat accumulated in the body. From the relevant information on weight loss can be seen, continuous taking Eucommia a month can lose 1.5 ~ 2.0 kg.
Eucommia tea, can regulate blood pressure, restore blood vessel elasticity, protect the heart and brain Eucommia tea 5-15 grams, about 85 degrees of boiling water to 500 ml of water is appropriate, covered with a bubble 5 minutes Health: 15-25 g / day ; Treatment: 30 grams or more / day.
Tea course
[Formula]: Eucommia 10 grams, 6 grams of ginseng vinegar, hawthorn 6 grams.
[Bubble]: placed in a covered porcelain cup or glass, about 85 degrees boiling water to 500 ml of water is appropriate, covered with a bubble 5 minutes a day 3 bubble, on the afternoon and evening each bubble.
[Effect]: make liver and kidney, strong ribs, blood pressure, blood fat and other bags can brew a cup of high concentration of antihypertensive medicine tea, easy to drink, Yi God Yang, every drink in the lipid-lowering blood pressure, Drink normal blood pressure, healthy heart and brain, away from high blood pressure and complications.
For people
1, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease population
2, high blood pressure associated with blood lipids, abnormal blood sugar crowd
3, kidney, physically weak people
4, insomnia and more dreams, rough skin, dark crowd
5, frail, Yaoxisuanruan, low immunity crowd
6, too much fat, sub-health crowd

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