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"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": Polygonatum

Name of medicine: Polygonatum

Pinyin: Huánɡ Jīnɡ

Alias: Tiger Ginger

Source This product is a lily plant of Polygonatum Polygonatum kingianum Hemsl., Polygonatum Polygonatum sibiricum Red. Or Polygonatum Polygonatum Cyrtonema Hua's dry rhizome. According to the shape of different, learn to call "rhubarb",, "chicken head Huang Jing" "Jiang Ming Huang Jing." Spring and autumn season excavation, remove the fibrous roots, washed, set the boiling water slightly hot or steamed to the heart, dry.

Traits chrysanthemum: hypertrophy fleshy nodules, nodules up to 10cm or more, width 3 ~ 6cm, thick 2 ~ 3cm. Surface yellow to yellow brown, with links, wrinkles and to be root marks, nodules on the top of the stem marks were disc-shaped, concave concave, the central prominent. Hard and tough, not easy to break, section horny, pale yellow to yellow brown. Gas slightly, sweet, chewing sticky.

Chicken yellow fine: nodular curved shape, length 3 ~ 10cm, diameter 0.5 ~ 1.5cm. Nodules long 2 ~ 4cm, slightly conical, often branched; surface yellowish white or grayish yellow, translucent, vertical wrinkles, stem marks round, diameter 5 ~ 8mm.

Ginger-shaped honeysuckle: lumps nodular length, ranging from constant blocks of nodules connected. Surface grayish yellow or yellowish brown, rough, nodules on the side of the prominent disc-shaped stem marks, diameter 0.8 ~ 1.5cm.

Bitter can not be medicinal.

Identification of this product cross section: the outer surface of the epidermis of rhubarb. Parenchyma tissue between the majority of large mucus cells, containing calcium oxalate needle beam. Vascular bundles, mostly for the wood type.

Chicken head yellow essence, ginger yellow fine tube more than the external tough tube.

Finishing fine: remove impurities, wash, slightly run, cut thick slices, dry.

Jiujing essence: take the net fine, according to wine stew or wine steaming method (Appendix Ⅱ D) stewed through or steamed, slightly dry, cut thick slices, dry. Every 100kg of yellow fine, with rice wine 20kg.

Taste: sweet, flat.

Meridian: the spleen, lung, kidney by.

Indications: qi Yin, spleen, lungs, kidney For the spleen and stomach, tired body fatigue, dry mouth and less food, lung deficiency cough, lack of essence and blood, heat Diabetes.

Dosage: 9 ~ 15g.

Storage: dry and ventilated place, mildew, mothproof.

Excerpt: "Chinese Pharmacopoeia"

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