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 Chinese name: Cornus officinalis

Pinyin: Shan Zhu Yu

Aliases: potato jujube, chicken foot, Cornus officinalis meat, fruit jujube, meat jujube, Cornus officinalis meat, medicinal jujube.

Fructus Corni

Source: Cornus oj-jZcinalis Sieb. etZucc. Ripe flesh of the fruit.

Plant form: deciduous shrub or tree with dark brown branches. Leaves opposite, ovate to elliptic, thinly ovate-lanceolate, 5 -- 12 cm long, apical acuminate, base cuneate, thinly pasted above, densely hairy below, lateral veins 6 -- 8 pairs, pulse axils with yellowish brown bearded hairs. Umbels first leaves open, axillary, lower with 4 small bracts, bracts ovate, brown, flowers yellow, calyx 4-lobed, lobes broadly triangular, petals 4, ovate, disk annular, fleshy, lower ovary. Drupe oval, red at maturity. Flowering period in March to April, fruit in September to October.

Origin distribution: born in 400 ~ 1500(~ 2100) meters above sea level under the forest, forest edge, hillside. Distributed in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Shandong, Anhui, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other provinces, Zhejiang, Henan and Shaanxi have a large number of cultivation.

Harvesting and processing: in late autumn and early winter, pick up the fruit when the skin turns red. After roasting with gentle fire or slightly scalding in boiling water, remove the core in time and dry.

Characters of medicinal materials: irregular flake or sach-shaped, 1 ~ 1.5 cm long, 0. 5 ~ 1 cm wide. The surface is purplish red to purplish black, wrinkled and glossy. Some apex has a round calyx mark, the base has a fruit stalk mark. It is soft. The taste is sour, astringent and bitter.

Sex and taste normalization: mild sex, sour taste, astringent. Return to liver and kidney channels.

Efficacy and action: tonifying liver and kidney, astringent and solid removal. It belongs to the subclassification of astringent medicine.

Clinical application: internal administration: decoction, 6 ~ 12g, or into pills, powder. It is used for vertigo, ear ringing, waist and knee pain, impotence, spermatospermia, enuresis, frequent urination, dissolving and leaking under the belt, sweating collapse, internal heat and thirst.

: Pharmacological research: enhancing immune system function; Anti-inflammatory; Anti-hemorrhagic shock; Hypoglycemia; Inhibit platelet aggregation; Improve cardiac function and hemodynamics; Antibacterial; Diuresis, etc.

Chemical composition: The pulp contains tannin components, magnoside, pharmaceutical side, glycoside components, glucose, fructose, sucrose, ursolic acid, gallic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid and vitamin A, as well as volatile oil. Fourteen amino acids, including threonine, valine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, histidine, lysine, serine, glutamic acid, glycine, alanine, tyrosine, arginine and aspartic acid, were contained in the flesh and nucleus, and methionine, proline and cystine were also contained in the nucleus.

Use contraindications: It is forbidden to take it if the vital door is blazing, the liver Yang is overactive, and the urine is not good because of dampness and heat.

Compatibility prescription:

(1) Treat vegetarian thirst and induce water. Once you do not drink and become thirsty, you will urinate day and night for dozens of times, and the qi will be tired and the meat will be dried. In this process, the kidney qi will be defeated: cistanche (washed and cut, wine stained and roasted), schisandrum (fried), dogwood, dried yam, etc. On the end, wine paste for pills, such as wutong son big. Drink thirty grains, empty heart convinced. (Quansheng Finger Fan Fang Dogwood Pill)

② Treatment of five kinds of lumbago, lower coke and wind chill, waist and foot weakness: achyranthes oxanthus 30g (to remove seedlings), dogwood 30g, cinnamon heart 0.9g. Apply the medicine and pound the luo into powder. Mix 6 grams of warm wine before eating. (Shenghui Fang)

③ Yiyuanyang, Buqi, Guyuanjing, Zhuangyuanshen: Cornus officinalis (liquor soaked) meat 1 jin, broken old paper (liquor soaked one day, dried)240 g, Angelica 120 g, musk 3 g. On the end of fine, refining honey pills, wutong son. Each take 81 pills, lying under wine and salt soup. (" Fushou Jing Fang "grass return Dan)

④ For the sake of weak heart, Chong: 30 grams of longan meat, 15 grams of sour jujube seeds (fried and pounded), 15 grams of dogwood seeds (poached and pounded), 12 grams of Bai Zi seeds (fried and pounded), 12 grams of raw keel, 12 grams of raw oysters (pounded), 3 grams of raw frankincense and 3 grams of raw myrrh. Decocting. (Zhongzhong Shenxilu Centering Soup)

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