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How does Santong Soup make women more and more beautiful?

First of all, the three-tong soup can make a woman's complexion better and better, improve a woman's yellow face, and make a woman's complexion pale and red, with a peach blossom and charming face. How does Santong soup improve a woman's complexion? It is mainly improved from two perspectives: a strong heart and a strong spleen and stomach.

Whether the complexion is good or not is closely related to the two organs, one is the heart. Chinese medicine says that the heart has its beauty in the face. In other words, the splendor of the heart can be reflected on the face. Our face, especially the face of a woman, is like a flower blooming in the heart. Whether the flowers are good or not, it all depends on whether the heart is good or not. People with a bad heart will be pale and bloodless. Santong Decoction contains medicinal materials for strengthening the heart, ginseng that nourishes the heart, Ophiopogon and schisandra that nourishes the heart and blood, Salvia miltiorrhiza to dredge the cardiovascular system, and Guizhi that strengthens the yang qi of the heart. It can be said to nourish the heart in many ways. Protect your heart.

Whether the complexion is good or not has something to do with the spleen and stomach. A woman with a bad stomach and spleen has a pale face, like a dry tree branch. The two meridians of the spleen and stomach will pass through the face, the spleen and stomach are weak, the blood can't keep up, and the face will turn yellow. The Santong Soup also contains Sijunzi Soup, which strengthens the spleen and stomach, which can invigorate the spleen.

The heart is better, the spleen and stomach are better, and of course the complexion is better.

Santong soup is a beauty and beauty soup for women, and it is a freckle soup. Spots on the face are the biggest annoyance for women. Seriously, it doesn't matter if there are no spots, even if they look a little ugly. If there are spots and the spots are big, it means disfigurement. Even if the facial features are good, it won't help. Therefore, a woman who loves beauty spends her entire life thinking of various methods to remove freckles at all costs. A woman who loves beauty is either fretting or walking on the road to freckle.

Chinese medicine says that there is no stasis, no spots. This stasis is blood stasis. There are many reasons for the appearance of spots, whether it is chloasma, age spots or freckles, it is necessary to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis in the end. Look, the little black spots on your face are caused by stasis, or poor circulation of blood and energy. CCTV's Chinese Medicine column once reported that an 80-year-old female Chinese medicine doctor is good at removing blood stasis, and her face does not have spots. The skin on her face is white and tender like a baby, which envy women. How does this female Chinese medicine doctor remove blood stasis? She used Panax notoginseng powder.

Santong Decoction for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis is no less than Panax Notoginseng powder. Santong Decoction is specially made for blood stasis, mainly to dredge blood vessels. On the one hand, Santong Decoction can strengthen the heart. The heart is a porter of blood stasis. When the heart is strong, the ecchymosis on the face can be easily removed. Santong Decoction can also directly remove blood stasis, so it can dispel freckles.

Santong soup is a beauty soup for women, which can improve the elimination of bags under the eyes of women. Everyone has bags under the eyes. The bags under the eyes are too big. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it is caused by too much moisture. How to get rid of dampness? To cure the root cause, it is necessary to invigorate the spleen, because the spleen and stomach are the transporters of moisture. When the spleen and stomach are good, it is not easy to produce moisture, and even if it does, it is easy to transport it out. Santong Decoction contains both Atractylodes macrocephala to invigorate the spleen and Poria, which can relieve dampness, so it can regulate eye bags.

In addition, it is also essential to get the eye bags to activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, because TCM says that if blood is bad, it is water, and if water is bad, it is blood. What do you mean, that is, if there is blood stasis, the water in the body is easy to accumulate, and it is easy to swell, because the blood stasis is like a hindrance and will hinder the operation of water. Look at that big eye bag, isn’t it edema? Santong Decoction can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and can improve eye bags.

In other words, Santong Decoction can improve eye bags from two perspectives: invigorating the spleen and removing dampness and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Santong soup is a beauty soup for women, and it can also reduce dark circles. There are two main reasons for dark circles under the eyes, one is kidney deficiency and the other is blood stasis. The dark circles under the eyes that look like a layer of black smoke are caused by kidney deficiency, and there are dense small black spots around the eyes. This kind of dark circles is caused by blood stasis. Santong Decoction can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, so it can reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Santong soup is a beauty soup for women, and it can also beautify lips. You have to know that lips are the most beautiful and moving part of women. Some people’s lips are too dark, there is no gloss, or there are many dark spots on the lips. What is the reason? It is blood stasis. The blood stasis is stuck on the lips, so the lips are dark. Santong Decoction can invigorate blood and remove blood stasis, make lips rosy, and give lips a charming luster. Many fans persuaded the lips to look good with Tee Soup, which is comparable to a woman's natural lipstick. That kind of chemical lipstick will have side effects, it will block the meridians of the lips and make the blood stasis worse.

Santong soup is a beauty soup for women. Santong soup can also regulate white hair and hair loss. One fan said that he wanted to take Santong Decoction to improve his mild cerebral infarction, but he was surprised and lost a lot of gray hair. Why can Santong soup condition gray hair? Because our hair needs the nourishment of qi and blood, if there is blood stasis and clogging the hair follicles, the hair will naturally turn white and fall off if it is not nourished by qi and blood. On the one hand, Santong Decoction can transport qi and blood to the hair from the perspective of invigorating the spleen. On the other hand, it can directly remove the blood stasis from the scalp, so that the hair can be fully nourished, and the gray hair will gradually turn black and will not fall off. . Hair loss caused by blood stasis is really a lot, and many middle-aged and elderly hair loss is caused by blood stasis.

Santong soup is still beautiful soup. Some women’s skin is very dry, like fish scales. Chinese medicine calls this kind of skin a fault on the skin. This dry skin is caused by blood stasis. Santong Decoction can invigorate blood and remove blood stasis and make your skin smooth.

Santong soup can also lose weight. There is a kind of obesity caused by blood stasis. Santong Decoction can be used to lose weight from at least four perspectives, from the perspective of strengthening the heart, from the perspective of strengthening the spleen, from the perspective of removing dampness, and from the perspective of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

To sum up, the three-tong soup can remove dark hair, freckle, remove bags under the eyes, diminish dark circles, improve the yellow face, beautify the lips, and slim down the skin. Therefore, the three-tong soup is out-and-out. The beauty and beauty soup.

I hope that women all over the world will use this bowl of beauty and beauty soup, don’t be afraid of trouble, choose the best authentic medicinal materials, choose the authentic ceramic pot specially used for traditional Chinese medicine, and make a bowl of three-way soup for themselves, with joy. Boil with love, the three-tong soup made in this way is the most nurturing.

One dose a day, it is recommended to take 21 days. The medicine residue can be used to soak your feet. May women look ageless and beautiful for a lifetime under the care of Santong Soup. Let's like and forward the Santongtang together.

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