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"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": Sophora japonica

Name of medicine: Sophora japonica

Pinyin: HuáiHuā

English name: FLOS SOPHORAE

Alias: gold medicine tree, nursing tree, puppy, locust rice

Source This product is a dried flower and bud of Sophora japonica L.. Summer flowers open or bud formation when harvested, dry in time to remove branches, stems and impurities. The former known as "Sophora japonica", "Sophora".

Sophora japonica: This product shrinks and curl, petals scattered. Poison 5, yellow or yellowish white, one large, nearly rounded, apex slightly concave, and the remaining 4 oblong. Stamens 10, of which 9 base joined, filaments slender.

Sophora: oval or oval, long 2 ~ 6mm, diameter of about 2mm. There are several vertical lines in the lower part of the calyx. Calyx is not open to yellow and white petals. Pedicel small. , Taste slightly bitter.

(1) This product powder yellow-green. Pollen grains spherical or obtuse triangular, diameter 14 ~ 19μm. With 3 new holes. Non-glandular hair 1 ~ 3 cells, length 86 ~ 660μm, stomatal infinitely, auxiliary cells 4 to 8. Calcium oxalate crystal rare.

(2) to take this product powder 0.1g, add ethanol 10ml, heating 5 minutes, filtration. Take the filtrate 1ml, add a small amount of magnesium powder and 2 to 3 drops of hydrochloric acid, that is, cherry red.

(3) to take this product powder 0.2g, add methanol 5ml, dense plug, shake 10 minutes, place 10 minutes, filtration, the filtrate as the test solution. Irradiation with thin layer chromatography (Appendix Ⅵ B) test, learn the two solutions of the 10μl, respectively, points on the same silica gel G plate, ethyl acetate - formic acid - water: 1: 1) as the agent, , Dry, sprayed with aluminum trichloride test solution, until the ethanol dry, set the UV light (365nm) under the view. Color phase of the upper, was the same color of fluorescent spots.

Cooking Sophora: remove impurities and dust.

Fried Sophora japonica: take the net Sophora japonica, according to fry the fry (Appendix Ⅱ D) fry the surface dark yellow.

Sophora japonica: take the net Sophora japonica, according to the fried charcoal method (Appendix IID) fried to the surface of coke brown.

Sexual bitter, slightly cold.

Meridian: to the liver, the large intestine.

Indications: cooling blood to stop bleeding, clear liver Xiehuo. For blood in the stool, hemorrhoids blood, blood dysentery, crack, vomiting blood, Nvxue, liver heat red, headache dizziness.

Dosage: 5 ~ 9g.

Storage: dry place, moisture, moth.

Abstract: "Chinese Pharmacopoeia"

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