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"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": psoralen

[Medicinal name] psoralen

[Pinyin] Bǔ Gǔ Zhī


[Alias] broken paper, and blue amaranth, Hu leek

[Source] This product is leguminous plant psoralen Psoralea corylifolia L. dry and mature fruit. Autumn fruit ripening harvest order, dried, rubbing the fruit, remove impurities.

[Properties] This product was kidney-shaped, slightly flat, long 3 ~ 5mm, width 2 ~ 4mm, thickness of about 1.5mm. Surface black, dark brown or grayish brown, with fine mesh wrinkles. The top round blunt, there is a small protrusion, concave side of the fruit stalk marks. Hard. Peel thin, and seeds are not easy to separate; seeds 1, cotyledons 2, yellowish white, oily. Gas fragrance, spicy, slightly bitter.

[Identification] take this product powder 0.5g, add ethyl acetate 20ml, ultrasonic treatment for 15 minutes, filtration, the filtrate evaporated, the residue of ethyl acetate 1ml to dissolve, as the test solution. Another psoralen, psoralen reference substance, add ethyl acetate made of 1ml each containing 2mg of mixed solution, as the reference solution. According to the thin layer chromatography (Appendix Ⅵ B) test, learn the two solutions of the 2 ~ 4μl, respectively, points on the same silica gel G  plate, n-hexane - ethyl acetate (4: 1) as the agent, , Remove, dry, spray with 10% potassium hydroxide methanol solution, set the UV light (365nm) under the view. For the test product chromatography, in the corresponding position with the reference chromatography, was the same two blue and white fluorescent spots.

[Pellet] Psoralen: Remove impurities.

Salt psoralen: take the net psoralen, mix with salt water, a little run, fry until slightly drum, dry (every kilogram of salt and salt with half a liter of water with open).

[Taste] Xin, bitter, warm

[Meridian] to the kidney, the spleen.

[Indications] Wenshen help yang, satisfied gas, diarrhea. For impotence nocturnal emission, enuresis urinary frequency, waist and knee Leng Tong, kidney deficiency for asthma, five more diarrhea; external treatment of vitiligo, alopecia areata.

[Usage and dosage] 6 ~ 9g. Topical 20% to 30% tincture coated the affected area.

[Storage] set dry place.

[Excerpt] "Chinese Pharmacopoeia"

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