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The efficacy and role of Schisandra vine

1. Invigorate the kidney and strengthen the waist

Schisandra vine is a kind of Chinese medicinal material that can nourish the kidney and strengthen the yang. It can improve human kidney function, relieve kidney deficiency, and prevent the human body from experiencing physical discomfort due to kidney deficiency. For humans, there are often weakness in the waist and knees and decreased sexual function in men. Impotence and premature ejaculation have certain alleviating effects.

2. Promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation

After being used as medicine, Schisandra vine can accelerate the circulation of qi and blood in the human body and prevent the blockage of qi and blood. It has an important role in promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation. It is a common medicine used in clinical treatment of women with irregular menstruation in Chinese medicine. It can be added with water during treatment. After decoction, it can also be taken after decoction with rice wine, which can make women's menstrual irregularities and menstrual abdominal pain significantly improve.

3. Reduce swelling and pain

Schisandra vine can reduce swelling and relieve pain. It is commonly used in surgery and is a good medicine for human traumatic injuries. During treatment, schisandra vine can be ground and mixed with distillers grains to make ointment and then directly applied to the affected area. Changing the dressing once a day can relieve the pain as soon as possible. The blood stasis that appeared on the surface of the body quickly dissipated.

Taboo of Schisandra vine

Schisandra vine is a slightly toxic Chinese medicinal material. It is forbidden to overdose, otherwise it will increase the burden on multiple organs of the human body and cause physical discomfort. In addition, people with chronic bleeding diseases are also prohibited from taking Schisandra vine. Make bleeding symptoms worse, which is not conducive to recovery.

Everyone understands the efficacy and functions of Schisandra vine, and will have more and more keen interest in it. Some people also want to take schisandra vine to health care of the body, but they should pay attention to its taboos when taking it. It is suitable for taking it. Only in this way can it be used. Play a good health effect.

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