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Pinyin: Wú Zhǐ Máo Táo

Alias: Five-finger Banyan, Five-finger Milk, Five-finger Fragrant, Five-pronged Milk, Astragalus Astragali [Guangdong], Three-Clawed Dragon, Five-Clawed Dragon, Five-Clawed Peach, Coyote Chai

The source is: Ficus simplicissima Lour. [F. hirta Vahl var. palmatiloba (Merr.) Chum], a plant of the genus Moraceae, which is used as medicine by its roots. Can be harvested throughout the year, washed and dried.

Note: Ficus simplicissima Lour. var. hirta Migo is similar to the former species.

Original shrubs or small trees, 1 to 2 meters high, with appressed short bristles and white milk throughout the plant. The root is light yellow, the skin is flexible and has a fragrance. The stems are erect and rarely branched. The leaves are alternate, papery, oblong-lanceolate or broad-ovate. In summer, the inflorescences are globose and axillary in pairs. The inflorescence turns from red to black when it is ripe.

Nature and flavor: sweet, lukewarm.

Functions and indications: invigorating the spleen and dissipating dampness, promoting qi and dissipating phlegm, relaxing tendons and collaterals. Used for tuberculosis cough, chronic bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, waist and leg pain, spleen deficiency and swelling, night sweats after illness, leucorrhea.

Usage and dosage: 0.5~2 taels.

Excerpt: "National Compilation of Chinese Herbal Medicine"

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