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Pinyin: Wǔ Xiānɡ Ténɡ

Aliases: Snake Venom Medicine, Badu Powder, Tiegu Powder, Xiaohongpao, Yanqingye ("Yunnan Chinese Herbal Medicine"), Huanglongteng, Fengqixiang, Xiao Xueteng ("Yunnan Chinese Herbal Medicine Selection").

Source "Selected Chinese Herbal Medicine in Yunnan"

The source is the whole plant of Schisandra of Magnoliaceae. Can be harvested throughout the year, the roots, stems and vines are sliced ​​and dried; the leaves are dried or used fresh.

The original form of evergreen climbing shrubs. The taproot is strong and cylindrical. The leaves are alternate, sub-leathery, ovate-lanceolate to oblong, 5-15 cm long, apex acuminate, base obtuse, nearly entire or sparsely serrated. The flowers are unisexual, axillary, 1-2 flowers, bracts narrow and triangular, about 1 mm in length and width; the outermost 3 to 5 tepals, small, triangular to subrenal, with ciliary hairs, inner 5 purple-red, Ellipse to ovoid; stamens subglobose. Berries, bright red when hot. Flowering in summer.

The decocting juice of the stems and vines of this plant can be boiled to make the spatholobi paste. There is another special article.

Habitat parts are born in sunny stone crevices or hillside shrubs. Distributed in Yunnan.

Nature and flavor:

①"Yunnan Chinese Herbal Medicine": "Astringent and slightly bitter, cold."

②"Yunnan Chinese Herbal Medicine Selection": "Roots and vines: Ganxin, flat; leaves: light, flat."

Functions and indications: clearing away heat and toxins, relieving muscles and activating blood circulation, reducing swelling and pain, curing flu, bites from poisonous snakes, rabies, rheumatic numbness, bruises, irregular menstruation, carbuncle and sore toxins.

①"Yunnan Chinese Herbal Medicine": "Root: clearing away heat and detoxification, reducing swelling and pain. Preventing meningitis, flu, treating poisonous snake bites, unnamed swelling toxins, traumatic bleeding, and fractures."

②"Yunnan Chinese Herbal Medicine Selection": "Roots and vines: relax tendons and promote blood circulation, reduce swelling and relieve pain; leaves: stop bleeding and dissipate blood stasis."

Usage and dosage: Oral administration: decocting soup, 4~6 yuan; or soaking in wine. External use: pound compress or grind powder and sprinkle.


① Treat poisonous snake bites, rabies bites, and sores: appropriate amount of five spiced vine leaves, smashed and applied externally.

②Treat rheumatism, numbness, bruises, stomach pain, menstruation, vasculitis: four to six coins of five spiced vine roots and stems. Decoction, or formula soaking in wine.

③Treatment of traumatic bleeding: Sprinkle root bark or leaf mill powder on the wound. (Selected prescription "Yunnan Chinese Herbal Medicine Selection")

Excerpt from "Chinese Medicine Dictionary"

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