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Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Wuweed
Pinyin Zhuyin
Wu Yí

Dian Ling ("The Classic"), Wu Yi ("Er Ya" Guo Pu's note), Wu Yiren ("Qian Jin Fang"), Shan Yuzi ("Qian Jin · Food Treatment"), Shan Yuren ("Compendium of Materia Medica") "), Baiwu weeding ("Shenghui Fang"), Daguo elm paste ("Medicinal materials").

Latin plant animal mineral name: Ulmus macrocarpa Hance

It is a processed product of the fruit of the Ulmus elm plant.
habitat distribution

Grows in mountains, foothills and rocky ground. Distributed in Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other places. Mainly produced in Shanxi and Hebei. Also produced throughout the Northeast.
original form

Daguoyu, also known as: Wugu ("Erya"), Shanfenyu ("Shuowen"), Shanyu ("Guangya"), Guyu ("Erya" Guo Pu Note), Jinyu, Yellow elm, flat elm, hairy elm, willow elm.

Deciduous small trees or shrubs, 15 to 30 meters high. Large branches oblique, spreading, branchlets pale yellowish brown or reddish brown, with coarse hairs, often with well-developed corky wings on branches. Leaves alternate; petiole 2-6 mm long, densely pubescent; leaf blade broadly obovate, 5-9 cm long, 4-5 cm wide, apex acuminate, base narrow, both sides asymmetrical or shallow heart-shaped, with blunt single edge Serrated or double serrated, rough on both sides, with coarse hairs. Flowers in clusters of 5-9, first leaves open; flowers large, up to 15 mm long, bisexual, perianth 4-5 lobed, green; stamens as many as tepals, large anthers, yellowish rose; pistil 1, green, Stigma 2 split. The pterosaurs are large, obovate to form nearly oval, 2.5-3.5 cm long, 2-3 cm wide, all hairy, with short stalks. The seeds are located in the middle of the wing fruit. Flowering spring.

It is square-shaped, with brownish yellow surface and many small holes. The body is light and crunchy. The cross-section is yellow-black and easily peeled off into scales. Gas special smell, taste slightly sour.
pharmacological action

①Deworming effect

The alcohol leaching extract of Radix chinensis has significant efficacy against Ascaris suum, earthworms and leech in vitro. The volatile oil extracted with ether showed no toxicity when administered orally to rabbits at 1 g/kg. For cats infected with paragonimiasis, oral administration of 10% fenugreek decoction 24 ml/kg/day showed no therapeutic effect, and one cat died five days after the course of treatment, which may have been caused by a large dose of poisoning.

②Anti-fungal effect

Weed extract (1:2) has different degrees of inhibitory effect on 12 kinds of dermatophytes such as Trichophyton violaceum and Microsporum audenii in test tube.
return to the classics

Enter the spleen and stomach meridians,

① "Leigong Pao Pharmacy Solution": "Enter the lung and spleen meridians."

② "Yuyu Medicinal Solution": "Enter Jueyin Liver Meridian."

③ "Division of Medicines": "Into the spleen and stomach meridians."

④ "Material Renewal": "Into the heart and spleen two meridians."
Sexual taste

bitter, warm.

① "Benjing": "Taste is spicy, flat."

② "Medicinal Properties": "The taste is bitter and acrid."

③ "Sea Medicine Materia Medica": "Spicy, warm, non-toxic."

People with weak spleen and stomach should take it with caution.

① "Sea Herbal Materia Medica": "Get myrobalan, cardamom good."

② "Compendium of Materia Medica": "If the spleen and stomach are deficient, although there is accumulation, do not invest."

③ "Depei Materia Medica": "Spleen and lung dryness are prohibited."
Indications of function

Insecticide, eliminate accumulation. Treatment of worm accumulation abdominal pain. Infantile chancre diarrhea, cold dysentery, scabies, malignant sores.

① "Benjing": "Maintains the evil spirits in the five internal organs, disperses the lewdness, warmth and poison in the skin and joints, removes the three insects, and dissolves food."

② "Bie Lu": "By inch white, the intestines are wheezing."

③ "Medicinal Nature": "It can control the accumulation of cold air, the pain of confidants, and the removal of strokes in the skin.

④Meng Xu: "To treat heat sores, pound and smear with lard. Also treat damp ringworm with white honey. Treat all sores with sand cow cheese. Long food treats five hemorrhoids."

⑤ "Therapeutic Materia Medica": "Remove gas pain in the abdomen. It can also treat ringworm with horse cheese. It also kills the poison of evil insects."

⑥ "Sea Medicine Materia Medica": "Treat cold dysentery and heart qi, kill insects and relieve pain. It also treats wind deficiency in the uterus of women and malnutrition in children."

⑦ "Rihuazi Materia Medica": "Treatment of intestinal wind hemorrhoids, malignant sores and scabies."

⑧ "Medical Forest Compilation": "Purge the lungs and rheumatism, dry the spleen and eliminate cold food, treat jaundice, kill insects and remove roundworms."

⑨ "Chinese Medicine Planting Guide": "expelling phlegm and diuretic."

Oral administration: decoction, 1.5 to 3 money; or into pills, powder. External use: powdered for application.

① To treat worms in the spleen and stomach, pain immediately after eating, yellowish and five-colored face, and painless: two liang of fenugreek seeds, stir-fry with noodles to make it yellow, at the end, out of season, adjust two qian daggers for rice drink. ("Qianjin Fang")

②Treat adults and children with ascariasis, the pain is unbearable, or spit green, yellow and green water saliva, or spit out insects, and the hair will stop: each half of the weed and the thunder pill, and one or two pieces of dry paint (beaten into pieces, fried smoked). The top is fine, each serving is three qian, a seven-cent cup of warm water, and a reconciling suit, regardless of the time, or even three servings. Children are half money per serving. ("Wonderful Recipe" Wu Wee San)

③ To treat chronic spleen and stomach qi leakage: five taels of fenugreek and weed, pounded at the end, and taken as rice pills. Before the hollow lunch every day, drink thirty pills each with Chen Mi, increasing to forty pills. ("Continued Message Party")

④ Treat chronic dysentery without malaise, worms, and lower rectal prolapse: 2 liang of Wuwei (fried slightly), 1 liang of Coptis chinensis (removed whiskers, slightly fried), and half liang of anaconda and snake gallbladder. Apply medicine, pound Luo to the end, refine honey and pills, as big as a sycamore seed. For each serving, take 30 pills of almonds, and take it every day. ("Sheng Hui Fang, Wu Yi Wan)

⑤ To treat worm epilepsy in children, stomach cold worms, all syndromes are dangerous and evil, similar to epilepsy: white weed, dry lacquer (burning property) are divided into equal parts. For the end, the rice drink is transferred from one word to one money. ("Medical Standards")

⑥ Governance of blood stagnation: one or two of weeds. Mash it, grind it to make it fine, wrap it in paper and press it to remove the oil, then grind it to the end, and use the male pig gall bladder to make it big. Each serving is nine pills, with licorice soup, five or six servings a day. ("Pu Ji Fang" Wu Yi Wan)

⑦ Treatment of toothache due to worms: Wu Yi Ren An in the cavity and in the seam. ("World Medical Effective Prescription")

⑧ Governance of various accumulations of air-conditioning: one tael of fenugreek (fried), fennel, and fenugreek each for five dollars. The total is the end, the red yeast rice paste is made into pills, and the sycamore seed is big. Take three money every morning, under the white soup. ("Compendium of Materia Medica")
manufacturing method

In summer, when the fruit of the elm is ripe, it is harvested, dried in the sun, rubbed off the membrane wings, and the seeds are taken out. Immerse 55 catties of seeds in water. After fermentation, add 10 catties of elm bark surface, 30 catties of laterite, and 5 catties of chrysanthemum powder. Add an appropriate amount of warm water and mix evenly. If it becomes a paste, put it on the board and spread it out to about a quarter thickness. 2-inch cubes are sun-dried, that is, the finished product. It can also be taken from April to May in the lunar calendar. Use 60% of seeds, 20% of Heterophylla, 10% of elm bark, and 10% of hearth soil, mix them into a flat square, and place them in the sun to dry in the sun.
"Chinese Medicine Dictionary"

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