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"Chinese Materia Medica": Lettuce
Wō Jù Zǐ

radicchio, radicchio, lettuce
English name:
Seed of Garden Lettue

From "Compendium of Materia Medica"

Medicinal material source: It is the fruit of lettuce of the Compositae.

Latin plant animal mineral name: Lactuca sativa L.

Harvesting and storage: When the fruit is mature in summer and autumn, cut the aerial part, dry it in the sun, lay the seeds, remove impurities, and store in a dry and ventilated place.
habitat distribution

All over the country are cultivated, red and wild.
original form

Lettuce is an annual or biennial herb, 30-100cm tall. Stems thick, thick and fleshy. Basal leaves clustered, gradually becoming smaller upward, oblong-obovate, 10-30cm long, entire or curly wavy; cauline leaves alternate, elliptic or triangular-ovate, base cordate, clasping. The flower head has 15 small flowers, most of which are arranged in a corymbose panicle at the top of the stem and branch; the ligulate flowers are yellow. Achenes narrow or oblong obovate, gray, fleshy red or brown, slightly flattened, with 7-8 longitudinal ribs on each side, pubescent on the upper part, slender bill, pale white or brownish red, as long as the fruit body Or slightly longer, crested white. Flowering and fruiting period May-July.

Character identification Achenes are oblong to oval and flat, one end is acuminate, the other end is obtuse. 3-5mm long and 1-2mm wide. Appearance gray-white, tan, dark brown. Each face of the achene has 7-8 longitudinal ribs that form a straight texture, which can be rubbed to remove the outer gap, and it will become fine hair (fibrous) when rubbed more. After rubbing the outer disc, the brown seed kernels are exposed, which are rich in oil. Weak gas, slightly sweet taste.
pharmacological action

1. Diuretic effect of lettuce seed volatile oil 0.2% aqueous solution, dose 0.1mg/10g, 0.5mg/10g intraperitoneal injection, mouse metabolic cage method, the results show that Hai volatile oil has a very significant diuretic effect, and there is a certain dose-effect relationship [ 1].

2. Antiarrhythmic effect The total flavonoids of lettuce seeds can obviously resist the magnitude and duration of S-T segment shift. The total flavonoids of lettuce seeds can prolong the hypoxia tolerance time of mice. After injecting vasopressin into rabbits, 6/9 had arrhythmia, while the total flavonoids of lettuce seeds could reduce the incidence of salad arrhythmia to 1/9, and the duration of arrhythmia was significantly shorter. Total flavonoids can also significantly reduce chloroform-induced ventricular fibrillation. Experiments show that the total flavonoids of lettuce seeds have a significant antagonistic effect on these experimental arrhythmias [2].

3. Toxicity Mice were injected with 0.2% volatile oil, aqueous solution to a dose of 1ml/20g through the tail vein, 10 mice did not die, and the median lethal dose was not measured [1].
return to the classics

Return to stomach; Liver meridian
Sexual taste

pungent; bitter; lukewarm
Indications of function

Clear milk; facilitate urination; promote blood circulation and stasis. The main milk is blocked; urination is difficult; bruises; bruising and pain; scrotal swelling and pain

Oral administration: decoction, 6-15g; or ground into powder, 3g per serving. External use: appropriate amount, grind into powder for rubbing; or decoct for fumigation.

①The milk does not work: 1. Thirty lettuce seeds. Research fine wine service. ("Compendium") Second, lettuce seeds are combined, raw licorice is three dollars, and glutinous rice and japonica rice are half combined. Eat porridge frequently. ("Outline")
②Treatment of kidney yellow: lettuce seeds combined, study carefully. Take a cup of water, fry it for five minutes, remove the sediment, and take it warm regardless of the time. ("Saint Benefit Fang")
③ treatment of scrotal TUI swelling: lettuce seeds together. Pounded, one cup of water, fry for five boils, and warm. ("Outline")
④ Treatment of furuncle scars without moustache: first scrape with a bamboo knife, rub with lettuce seeds, and rub it frequently. ("Extracting Yuan Fang")
each discussion

"Outline": milk, pass urine. Governs vaginal swelling, bleeding from hemorrhoids, and pain from injury.
"Chinese Materia Medica"

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