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Schisandra chinensis is the dried and ripe fruit of the Magnoliaceae plant Schisandra chinensis or Central China Schisandra chinensis; the former is commonly known as "Northern Schisandra" and the latter is commonly known as "Southern Schisandra". Its nutritional value is high. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Schisandra can nourish the five internal organs and is often used to soak in water and wine. So what is the effect of Schisandra soaked in wine?
1 Astringe the lungs and relieve cough

Schisandra is sour, sweet, warm in nature, and enters the lung, heart, and kidney meridians. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that acidity is astringent, so Schisandra can astringe lung qi to relieve cough. disease has a better therapeutic effect.

2 Antidiarrheal and sweating

Schisandra chinensis is sour, can astringe the liquid of the whole body, and has the effect of astringing sweat, solidifying astringency, and stopping perspiration.

3 Invigorating the kidney and calming the nerves

Schisandra has all the five flavors, can nourish the five internal organs, and specially nourish the kidneys. It can be used to treat nocturnal emission, enuresis, and frequent urination caused by kidney deficiency. In addition, the active ingredients in Schisandra can inhibit the central nervous system to a certain extent, and can play a certain role. Stabilizing effect, drinking a glass of Schizandra wine before going to bed can help improve sleep to a certain extent.

4 Liver protection

The active ingredients in Schisandra chinensis have a good health care effect on the liver, can promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells, and can also inhibit liver damage, or repair damaged liver cells to a certain extent, inhibit the activity of alanine aminotransferase, drink Schisandra wine can play a certain role in protecting the liver.

5 Cardiovascular protection

Schisandrin and deoxyschisandrin contained in Schisandra can effectively inhibit the mesenteric artery, increase the blood flow of the heart and coronary arteries, and have a good regulatory effect on the cardiovascular system; drinking Schisandra wine can improve the cardiovascular system, It has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of chronic cardiovascular diseases.

6 Beauty and beauty

Schisandra and its various components have obvious protective effects on the damage caused by oxygen free radicals, and have a direct scavenging effect on active oxygen free radicals. Proper drinking of Schisandra wine can nourish the body, and its qi-enhancing effect is very obvious, which can keep the complexion rosy. Make the skin younger and younger.

7 The practice of schisandra

schisandra wine

Materials: 50 grams of schisandra, 100 grams of rock sugar (can be adjusted according to personal taste), 500 grams of white wine.


1. Wash the schisandra, dry it and put it in an anhydrous glass bottle.

2. Add rock sugar and pour in white wine.

3. Seal the bottle well and shake it once a day.

4. Drink after soaking for half a month.

Schisandra and wolfberry wine

Materials: 20g each of Lycium barbarum, Ophiopogon japonicus, Polygonatum, Acanthopanax senticosus, Epimedium, 1000ml of 50°C liquor.

Method: Put the above five herbs together into a wine vessel, soak in white wine, seal, and drink after 15 days.

Dosage: Take 20 ml each time, preferably once in the morning and once in the evening.
American Ginseng Schisandra Wine

Ingredients: 50 grams of American ginseng, 50 grams of Ganoderma lucidum, 50 grams of Chinese herbs, 5 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, 100 grams of Qiguo, 50 grams of dogwood meat, 100 grams of Polygonatum chinensis, 50 grams of Schisandra chinensis, and 5 catties of liquor.

Method: Soak all medicinal materials in liquor and take them after two weeks.

Dosage: Drink 1-2 times a day, 10 ml each time.

8 How to drink schisandra

It is recommended to drink about 10-20 ml of Schisandra wine at a time, 1-2 times a day, because if you take more than 13-18 grams of Schisandra, you may experience hiccups, acid regurgitation, stomach pain, stomach burning, bowel sounds, Adverse reactions such as drowsiness and drowsiness, and excessive alcohol will affect the health of the human body, such as the stomach, liver and kidneys.

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