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[Name of Chinese Medicine] Heshouwu heshouwu

[Alias] Shouwu, Red Shouwu, Yejiao Tenggen, Raw Fleeceflower, Goblin, Chiliu, Chen Zhibai, Red Neixiao, Shange, Shanjing, He Xianggong.

[English name] Polygoni Multiflori Radix.

[Medicinal parts]The root tuber of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb.

[Plant morphology]Twining perennial herb. The tuber is hypertrophy, and the appearance is reddish brown to dark brown. The stem is more branched, the lower part is slightly lignified, the upper part is thinner, sometimes pale red, with longitudinal stripes, and hollow. The leaves are alternate, with long stalks, ovate heart-shaped, apex acuminate, base heart-shaped or nearly heart-shaped, entire, rough on both sides, glabrous. The stipules are sheath-like, membranous, without ciliate hairs, and often fall early. Inflorescences are paniculate, terminal or axillary, spreading; bracts ovate, green in the middle, transparent membranous, glabrous; bracts have 2 to 4 small white flowers, tepals 5, unequal in size, and outer ring in fruit Three enlarged and hypertrophic, with broad wings on the back, extending down to the pedicel node; 8 stamens, shorter than tepals; 3 styles, stigma capitate. The achenes are triangular, black and shiny. Flowering in October, fruiting in November.

[Origin Distribution] Born in the sun at the foot of the mountain, by the side of the stream, by the roadside and in the bushes. Distributed in Guangdong, Guizhou, Guangxi, Henan, Jiangsu and other places.

[Harvesting and processing] When the leaves are withered in autumn and winter, cut off the ends, wash, and cut a large one into pieces and dry.

[Medicinal properties] Polygonum multiflorum is clumpy or irregular spindle-shaped. The surface is reddish brown or reddish brown, shrunken and uneven, with shallow grooves, horizontally long lenticels and fine root marks. Body weight, solid quality, not easy to break, light yellowish brown or light reddish brown in cross section, powdery, with 4 to 11 circular and heterogeneous vascular bundle rings on the skin, forming a cloud brocade-like pattern, the central wood part is larger, and some are present Wooden heart. Smell, slightly bitter and sweet.

[Sex and flavor return to meridian] warm in nature, bitter, sweet and astringent in taste. Return to the liver meridian, kidney meridian and heart meridian.

[Efficacy and Function]Detoxification, carbuncle elimination, intestinal moistening and defecation. It belongs to moisturizing medicine under the classification of purgative medicine.

[Clinical application] The dosage is 6-12 grams, decocted. It is used to treat scrofula, carbuncle, rubella, itching, dry intestines, constipation, and hyperlipidemia.

[Pharmacological research] Polygonum multiflorum has anti-aging, immune enhancement, and adrenal cortex-promoting effects and functions. It can promote the regeneration and development of blood cells, regulate blood lipids and resist atherosclerosis, and has a liver-protective effect. Anti-atherosclerosis; delays aging; can increase the coronary blood flow of isolated rabbit hearts, can antagonize the slowing of heart rate caused by pituitary gland, but has no antagonistic effect on the arrhythmia caused by pituitary gland; antibacterial .

[Chemical composition] Polygonum multiflorum contains anthraquinone compounds, among which emodin-8-0-BD-glucoside is one of the active ingredients in multiflorum multiflorum which is nootropic; the quinone component stilbene glycoside 2,3,5,4-tetra Hydroxystilbene-2-0-BD-glucoside has a wide range of cardiovascular activities, immune regulation, liver protection, etc. The amide compounds include mupin aristolochamide, N-trans ferulyl-3-methyldopamine Etc.; Chromones include 7-hydroxyl.2,5. dimethylchromone, etc.; stilbene glycosides are used as anti-aging and lipid-lowering active ingredients. In addition, 2,3,5,4-tetrahydroxystilbene-2-0-(6"-OaD-glucopyranose)-BD-glucoside can inhibit the proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells. It also contains aloe-emodin. , Chrysophanol, chrysophanol, emodin, emodin methyl ether, rhein, new spruce glycosides, etc.

[Contraindications] Not suitable for those who clear stools and have wet sputum, avoid using ironware.

[Compatible prescriptions]

1. Treat malaria: 20 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 2 grams of licorice, reduce it for children. Take 1 dose a day, decocting for 2 hours, 3 times before eating, for 2 days. ["Guangdong Medicine·Motherland Medicine Edition" 1964, (4): 31]

2. Treatment of body sores, swelling, itching and pain: Fangfeng, Sophora flavescens, Polygonum multiflorum and peppermint are divided into equal parts. The top is rough, 15 grams for each medicine, half of water and half of wine, sharing a bucket of 6 liters, decoction for ten to boil, hot wash, and sleep in a sheltered place. ("Surgery Essentials" Polygonum multiflorum powder)

3. Cure large intestine wind poison, diarrhea not stop: Polygonum multiflorum 60 grams, pound Xiluo for powder. Before eating, adjust 3 grams with warm porridge drink. ("Holy Benefits")

4. Treatment of spontaneous sweating: the end of Polygonum multiflorum, Jin Tune, seal the navel. ("Simplified Prescription of the Lakeside Collection")

5. Treatment of tetanus bleeding: Polygonum multiflorum powder is applied as soon as it is applied. ("Health Journal")

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