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Pinyin: Tú Sī Zǐ

English name: SEMEN CUSCUTAE

Aliases: Bean parasitic, rootless grass, yellow silk, yellow silk vine, non-niang vine, golden silk

Source: This product is the dried mature seeds of Cuscuta chinensis Lam. Plants are harvested when the fruits are ripe in autumn, dried, and seeds are laid to remove impurities.

Properties: This product has a spherical shape with a diameter of 1 to 1.5 mm. The surface is gray-brown or yellow-brown, with fine raised dots, and a slightly concave linear hilum at one end. The quality is firm, not easy to crush with nails. Slightly smelly and tasteless.

(1) Take a small amount of this product, soak it in boiling water, the surface will be sticky; when heated and boiled until the seed coat is broken, a yellow-white curled embryo will be exposed, which is shaped like a silk.

(2) The powder of this product is yellowish brown or dark brown. Seed coat epidermal cells are square-like or rectangular-like in cross-section view, with thickened sidewalls; surface view is rounded polygonal, and corner walls are obviously thickened. Seed coat palisade cells are in slices, with 2 rows in cross-section view, with brilliance bands; surface view is polygonal shrinkage. The endosperm cells are polygonal or round, and the cell cavity contains aleurone grains. Cotyledon cells contain aleurone grains and fatty oil droplets.

Processed dodder seeds: remove impurities, wash and dry.

Salted dodder seeds: Take clean dodder seeds and stir-fry them according to the salt water broiling method (Appendix II D) until slightly bulging. The surface of this product is brownish-yellow, cracked and slightly fragrant. After being immersed in boiling water, the surface is sticky, and the yellow to tan curled embryos can be revealed after decoction.

Sweet in nature and flavor, warm.

Return meridian: return to liver, kidney, spleen meridian.

Functions and indications: nourishing liver and kidney, consolidating essence and reducing urine, anti-fetus, improving eyesight, stopping diarrhea. Used for impotence and nocturnal emission, surplus urine, enuresis, frequent urination, soreness of waist and knees, dizziness and tinnitus, kidney deficiency, fetal leakage, fetal movement, diarrhea of ​​spleen and kidney; external treatment of vitiligo.

Usage: Dosage 6-12g; appropriate amount for external use.

Store in a ventilated and dry place.

Excerpt: "Chinese Pharmacopoeia"

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