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Name: White fresh skin

Pinyin: Baixianpi

Category: Leather

Source: Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz. or dried root bark of Dictamnus angustifolius G. Don ex Sweet. of Rutaceae.

Origin: Mainly produced in Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning and other places.

Properties: White fresh root bark is roll-shaped, 5~15cm long, 1~2cm in diameter, and 2~5mm thick. The outer surface is gray-white or light gray-yellow, with fine longitudinal wrinkles and fine root scars, often with protruding granular dots; the inner surface is off-white with fine longitudinal lines. It is brittle, with dust flying when it is broken, the section is not flat, and it is slightly flaky. When the outer layer is peeled off, there are small bright spots that flicker to the light. There is sheep mutton gas, slightly bitter taste.

Quality: The ones with large strips, thick meat, gray wraps and separated sections are preferred.

Properties: Bitter, salty, cold.

Efficacy: clearing heat and drying dampness; dispelling wind and relieving itching; detoxification. Indications: rubella caused by wind-heat-dampness poison; eczema; scabies; jaundice; damp-heat arthralgia.

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