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[pinyin] Bì Qiào Jiānɡ

[Alias] Zhang Liutou, Guangdong pokeweed, white stalagmite, mountain winter bamboo shoot, water banana flower, elephant sugar cane

[Source] Costus speciosus (Koenig) Smith, a genus of Zingiberaceae, is used as medicine with rhizomes. It can be harvested in four seasons, preferably in late autumn, washed and sliced, steamed and sun-dried.

[Nature and flavor] Pungent, sour, slightly cold. Poisonous.

[Note] Pregnant women and those with physical weakness should not take it.

[Functions and indications] Diuresis and swelling, detoxification and itching. For whooping cough, nephritis, edema, urinary tract infection, liver cirrhosis, ascites, dysuria; external use for urticaria, sore furuncle swollen poison, otitis media.

[Usage and Dosage] 2 to 5 dollars; appropriate amount for external use, decoction for washing or fresh product smashed and applied to the affected area.

[Excerpt] "National Collection of Chinese Herbal Medicine"

[Remarks] (1) Take too much or take fresh products orally, it is easy to be poisoned, and symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., can be taken with cold porridge, or 2-5 money of licorice, simmered in water.

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