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"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": Shichangpu
Pinyin Zhuyin
Shí Chānɡ Pú
Aliases: calamus leaf, mountain calamus, water sword grass, fragrant calamus, medicinal calamus
This product is the dried rhizome of Acorus tatarinowii Schott, a plant of the Araceae family. Excavation in autumn and winter, removing fibrous roots and sediment, and drying in the sun.
This product is flat-cylindrical, mostly curved, often branched, 3-20cm long and 0.3-1cm in diameter. The surface is tan or gray-brown, rough, with uneven density and density, and the internodes are 0.2-0.8 cm long, with fine longitudinal lines, and fibrous roots or dot-shaped root scars remain on one side; the leaf scars are triangular, alternately arranged left and right, with On it there is a scaly leaf base remnant. Hard in texture, fibrous in cross section, off-white or reddish, with obvious endothelial ring, many vascular bundle dots and brown oil cells can be seen. Gas aroma, bitter, slightly acrid.
Storage: Store in a dry place to prevent mildew.
Remove impurities, wash, moisten thoroughly, cut into thick slices, and dry in the sun.
(1) Cross-section of this product: the outer wall of epidermal cells is thickened, brown, and some contain reddish-brown substances. The cortex is broad, scattered with fiber bundles and leaf trace vascular bundles; the leaf trace vascular bundles are outer tough, the vascular bundle sheath fibers are ringed and lignified; the endodermis is obvious. The vascular bundles around the central column are woody and outer tough, and the vascular bundle sheath fibers are less. Cells around fibers of fiber bundles and sheath fibers contain calcium oxalate crystals to form crystal fibers. The parenchyma is scattered with round-like oil cells; and contains starch granules.
(2) Take the volatile oil under the item [Determination of Content], add petroleum ether (60~90℃) to make a solution containing 2μl per 1ml, as the test solution. Another reference medicinal material of Shichangpu was taken, and the reference medicinal material solution was prepared by the same method. According to the thin-layer chromatography (Appendix VI B) test, draw 1 μl of each of the above two solutions, and place them on the same silica gel G thin-layer plate with 0.5% sodium carboxymethyl cellulose solution as the binder. ~90℃)-ethyl acetate (8:2) as developing agent, unfold, take out, air dry, place for about 1 hour, and check under ultraviolet light (365nm). In the chromatogram of the test substance, the fluorescent spots of the same color appear at the positions corresponding to the chromatogram of the reference substance; then fumigate with iodine vapor until the spot color is clear, and inspect it under sunlight. , the same color spots appear.
Meridian: Return to the heart and stomach meridians.
Nature and flavor: pungent, bitter, warm.
Functions and indications: Dispel dampness and appetizer, open orifices and remove phlegm, refresh the mind and improve wisdom. It is used for epilepsy, forgetfulness and deafness in the epilepsy of epilepsy.
Usage and dosage: 3~9g.
Excerpt: "Chinese Pharmacopoeia"

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