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Chinese Pharmacopoeia ": Atractylodes

[Medicine name] Atractylodes
Pinyin Bái Shù
[Alias] in surgery, winter surgery, Zhejiang surgery, species surgery
[Source] This product is Compositae Atractylodes macrocephala Koidz. Dry roots. The lower part of the winter leaves yellow, the upper leaves brittle when digging, remove the sediment, drying or drying, and then remove the fibrous roots.

[Properties] This product is irregular hypertrophy clumps, long 3 ~ 13cm, diameter 1.5 ~ 7cm. Surface grayish yellow or grayish brown, with tumor-like processes and intermittent longitudinal wrinkles and grooves, and have to be root marks, the top of the residual stem and bud marks. Quality is not easy to break hard, cross section is not flat, yellow and white to light brown, brown and yellow dotted oil room scattered; drying section of the horny, darker or cracks. Gas fragrance, sweet, slightly Xin, chew slightly sticky.

[Identification] (1) This product powder yellowish brown. Calcium oxalate crystal fine, long 10 ~ 32μm, irregularly gathered in parenchyma cells, a small number of crystal diameter to 4μm. Fiber yellow, mostly bundles, long spindle, diameter of about 40μm, wall is very thick, wood, hole ditch obvious. Stone cells pale yellow, round, polygonal, rectangular or a few spindle-shaped, diameter 37 ~ 64μm. Parenchyma cells containing inulin, the surface was radial texture. Catheter molecules short, for the textured and margin of the hole, diameter to 48μm.

(2) take this product powder 2g, set with a conical flask, add ether 20ml, shaking 10 minutes, filtration. Take the filtrate 10ml swing, add 10% vanillin sulfuric acid solution, was purple; another take 1 drop of the filtrate, point on the filter paper, dry, spray 1% vanillin sulfuric acid solution, significant pink.

(3) take this product powder 0.5g, plus n-hexane 2ml, ultrasonic treatment for 15 minutes, filtration, the filtrate as the test solution. Another control of Atractylodes 0.5g, the same method into the control drug solution. According to the thin layer chromatography (Appendix Ⅵ B) test, the above prepared two kinds of the two solutions of 10μl, respectively, points on the same silica gel G plate, petroleum ether (60 ~ 90 ℃) - ethyl acetate (50: 1) as the agent, start, remove, dry, spray with 5% vanillin sulfuric acid solution, heated to the spot color clear. For the test product chromatography, chromatography with the reference substance in the corresponding position, was the same color spots, and should have a pink main spots (herb).

[Processing] soil Atractylodes: take the white film, with Fulonggan fine powder fried to the surface linked to earth color, sieve to the excess soil. Each 100kg of preschool tablets, with Fulonggan fine powder 20kg.

Fried Atractylodes: the honey will be washed into the wok, into the smoke when the addition of Atractylodes, fried to the coke yellow, escape from the coke aroma, remove, sieve to honey Sunburn wheat bran. Each 100kg of preschool tablets, with honey Sunburn bran 10kg.

[Taste] bitter, sweet, warm.
[Meridian] to the spleen, stomach by.
[Indications] Spleen Qi, dampness and water, antiperspirant, tocolysis. For spleen and less food, abdominal distension and diarrhea, phlegm dizzy palpitations, edema, spontaneous perspiration, fetal movement disturbed. Soil Atractylodes spleen, and stomach, tocolysis. For the spleen and less food, diarrhea, loose stools, fetal movement disturbed.

[Usage and dosage] 6 ~ 12g.
[Chinese Pharmacopoeia]

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