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"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": white peony root

[Medicinal name] white peony root

Pinyin Bái Sháo


[Alias] peony

[Source] This product is the dried root of the Ranunculaceae plant Paeonia lactiflora Pall. Summer and autumn season excavation, wash, remove the head and tail and fine roots, set the boiling water after cooking to remove the skin or peeled and then cook, dried.

[Properties] This product was cylindrical, straight or slightly curved, both ends of the flat, long 5 ~ 18cm, diameter 1 ~ 2.5cm. Surface white or pale red brown, smooth or vertical wrinkles and fine root marks, occasional remnants of the brown skin. Quality solid, easy to break, cross-section more flat, white or microstrip brown red, the formation of ring ring obvious, radial radiation. Gas slightly, taste

Slightly bitter, sour.

(1) This product powder yellow and white. There are many pieces of gelatinized starch. Calcium oxalate cluster diameter of 11 ~ 35μm, exists in parenchyma cells, often arranged in rows, or a cell containing several clusters. With the edge of the hole and reticulate catheter diameter of 20 ~ 65μm. Fiber long spindle, diameter 15 ~ 40μm, wall thickness, micro-wood, with a large round hole.

(2) take this product powder 5g, add ether 50ml, heated to reflux for 10 minutes, filtration. Take the filtrate 10ml, evaporated, add acetic anhydride 1ml and sulfuric acid 4 to 5 drops, first significant yellow, gradually red, purple, and finally green.

(3) take this product powder 0.5g, add ethanol 10ml, shake 5 minutes, filtration, the filtrate evaporated, the residue plus 1ml of ethanol to dissolve, as the test solution. Another take paeoniflorin reference substance, add ethanol made 1ml per 1ml solution, as the reference solution. (40: 5: 10: 0.2) was prepared by thin-layer chromatography (Appendix Ⅵ B) and 10 μl of each of the two solutions, respectively, on the same silica gel G plate with chloroform-ethyl acetate-methanol- As the agent, start, remove, dry, spray with 5% vanillin sulfuric acid solution, heated to the spot color clear. For the test product chromatography, chromatography with the reference substance in the corresponding position, was the same blue and purple spots.

[Concocted] fried white peony root: take pure white Shaolu tablets, pot fried to slightly yellow.

Wine white peony root: take pure white Shaolu tablets, spray with rice wine evenly, a little run after the pot fried to slightly yellow. (10 pounds per 100 pounds of rice wine)

[Taste] bitter, sour, slightly cold.

[Meridian] to the liver, the spleen.

[Indications] Pinggan pain, nourishing menstruation, convergence Yin antiperspirant. For headache dizziness, hypochondriac pain, abdominal pain, limb pain, blood deficiency chlorosis, irregular menstruation, spontaneous perspiration, night sweats.

[Usage and dosage] 6 ~ 15g.

[Note] should not be used with veratrum.

[Chinese Pharmacopoeia]

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