100g, Mei Gui Hua Fen, FLOS ROSAE RUGOSAE, Tcm Herbal
"Chinese Dictionary": RoseMedicinal name rosesPinyin Méi Gui HuāAlias ​​wandering flowers ("Qunfan..
250g, Mu Hao, Herba Artemisiae Japonicae, Tcm Herbal
Chinese name: Artemisia annuaAlias: Qi head of Artemisia, smelly Ai, Chrysanthemum leaves Bupleurum...
500g, Ma Chi Xian, HERBA PORTULACAE, Tcm Herbal
"Dictionary of Chinese medicine": purslaneMedicinal name: purslanePinyin: Mǎ Chǐ XiànAlias: horse to..
500g, Ma Huang Gen, ephedra root, Tcm Herbal
Tropism of taste: flat; Gan; normalized lung Indications: antiperspirant. For spontaneous, night swe..
500g, Ma Lin Zi, Chinese Iris Seed, Seed of Chinese Small Iris, Tcm Herbal
"Chinese medicine dictionary": Ma LinziMedicinal name: Ma LinziPinyin: Mǎ Lìn ZǐAlias: calabash ("th..
500g, Man Tuo Luo Zi, Datura Seed, Tcm Herbal
Name of medicine: mandolinPinyin: Màn Tuó Luó ZǐAlias: drunk grapes ("Guangxi Annals"), days eggplan..
500g, Mao Xu Cao, Herb of Spicate Clerodendranthus, Tcm Herbal
"Medicinal name: said cat to be grassPinyin: Māo Xū CǎoEnglish name: Herb of Spicate Clerodendranthu..
500g, Mei Deng Mu, Maytenus hookeri Loes, Tcm Herbal
"Sexual tasteBitter, coldeffect:Blood stasis syndrome.Indications:For early cancer.Related compatibi..
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