10 Pieces , Chan Pi, Toad Skin, Tcm Herbal
"Chinese Dictionary": toadName of medicine: toadPinyin: Chán PíAlias: clam skin ("medical side about..
100g, Chan Tui, PERIOSTRACUM CICADAE, Tcm Herbal
"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": cicada sloughMedicinal name: cicada sloughPinyin: Chán TuìEnglish name: PER..
100g, Chao Jianɡ Can, BOMBYX BATRYTICATUS, Tcm Herbal
Medicinal name: silkwormPinyin: Jiānɡ CánEnglish name: BOMBYX BATRYTICATUSAlias: white silkworm, dea..
250g, Chao Chai Hu, RADIX BUPLEURI, Tcm Herbal
Chinese Pharmacopoeia": BupleurumMedicinal name BupleurumPinyin: Chái HúEnglish name: RADIX BUPLEURI..
250g, Chao Ju He, SEMEN CITRI RETICULATAE, Tcm Herbal
"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": orange coreMedicinal name: orange corePinyin: Jú HéEnglish name: SEMEN CITR..
250g, Chao Zhi Shi, FRUCTUS AURANTII IMMATURUS, Tcm Herbal
"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": Citrus aurantiumMedicinal name: citrus aurantiumPinyin: Zhǐ ShíEnglish name..
500g, Canɡ Shu, RHIZOMA ATRACTYLODIS,Chinese Atractylodes Rhizome, Tcm Herbal
"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": AtractylodesName of medicine: AtractylodesPinyin: Cānɡ ShùEnglish name: RHI..
500g, Cao Dou Kou, SEMEN ALPINIAE KATSUMADAI, Tcm Herbal
"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": grass cardamomMedicinal name: grass cardamomPinyin: Cǎo Dòu KòuEnglish name..
500g, Cao Guo, FRUCTUS TSAOKO, Tcm Herbal
"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": grass fruitName: HerbsPinyin: Cǎo GuǒEnglish name: FRUCTUS TSAOKOSource Thi..
500g, Ce Bai Ye Tan, Chinese Arborvitae Twig Charcoal, Tcm Herbal
"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": oriental arborvitae leavesName: Platycladus orientalisPinyin: Cè Bǎi YèEngl..
500g, Ce Bai Ye, CACUMEN PLATYCLADI, Tcm Herbal
"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": oriental arborvitae leavesName: Platycladus orientalisPinyin: Cè Bǎi YèEngl..
500g, Chao  Shan Zha, FRUCTUS CRATAEGI, Tcm Herbal
"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": hawthornName of medicine: hawthornPinyin: Shān ZhāEnglish name: FRUCTUS CRA..
500g, Chao Bai Bian Dou, Hyacinth Bean,Lentils, Tcm Herbal
The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine fried white beans 1, Chinese medicine fried white ..
500g, Chao Bai Shao, RADIX PAEONIAE ALBA, Tcm Herbal
"Dictionary of traditional Chinese medicine": white peony rootName of medicine: white peony rootPiny..
Chinese Pharmacopoeia ": Atractylodes[Medicine name] AtractylodesPinyin Bái Shù[English name] RHIZOM..
500g, Chao Bu Gu Zhi, FRUCTUS PSORALEAE, Tcm Herbal
"Chinese Pharmacopoeia": psoralen[Medicinal name] psoralen[Pinyin] Bǔ Gǔ Zhī[English name] FRUCTUS P..
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