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"Dictionary of traditional Chinese medicine": Wu Mei

Name of medicine: ebony

Pinyin: Wū Méi

Alias: Mei Shi ("the"), smoked plum, orange plum meat ("modern practical Chinese medicine").

Source: "Materia Medica by Note"

Source for the rosewood plant plum dry immature fruit. Picking in May will be mature green fruit (green plum), by size, respectively, kang baking, fire should not be too large, the temperature remained at about 40 ℃. When the plum baked to 60% dry, the need to flip up and down (do not break the epidermis), make it dry evenly. General kang baked 2 to 3 days and nights, to the flesh was yellow brown wrinkle skin for the degree, baked and then stew 2 to 3 days, to be black Serve.

The original form of Mei ("Book of Songs,", also known as: Chunmei ("Materia Medica new").

Deciduous small trees, up to 10 meters high. Bark light gray or light green, more branched. Leaflets ovate to oblong-ovate, 4 to 9 cm long, broadly 2.4 to 4 cm, apex long apex, base broadly cuneate, margin serrate, serrate Flowers bloody or 2 clusters clustered, white or pink, aromatic, usually first leaves open, with short stems; bracts scalelike, brown; calyx tube campanulate, lobes 5, tombs and receptive; petals single or heavy Petals, usually 5, broadly obovate, stamens numerous, born at margin of pristine; pistil 1, ovary densely hairy, style slender, curved. Drupe spherical, about 2 to 3 cm in diameter, one side of the shallow groove, coat, green, cooked yellow, hard nuclear, flute. Flowering 1 to 2 months. Fruit in May.

The roots of the plants (Megan), branches (plum), leaves (plum leaves), buds (white plum blossoms), immature fruit salted products (white plum), seed kernel (plum nucleolus) Detailed.

Habitat division is cultivated throughout the country. Main production in Sichuan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan, Guizhou. In addition, Guangdong, Hubei, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Henan and other places also produced.

Traits dry fruit was oblate or irregular spherical, diameter 1.5 to 3 cm. Surface brown black to black, shrinking, rugged. Some of the skin has been broken, exposed to the outside. Fruit at one end of a significant depression (that is, stalk off), fruit soft meat. Core hard, brown, containing light yellow seed 1, shape and smell very like almonds. Gas-specific, taste very acid. To a large, flesh, small nuclear, black skin, not broken exposed nuclear, soft, very good taste is better.

Concocted ebony: pick net impurities, sieve to ash, washed, dried. Ebony meat: take net wu Mei micro-shower water moist, so that the meat soft, slightly dry, broken, stripped of the meat that Serve. Or steamed into the steamer very bad, put basket rub, to the nuclear, take meat, dried. Umi charcoal: take the net wu Mei fried with fried to the flesh, the emergence of scorch spots for the degree of water spray drying, remove the cooler.

Taste sour, warm

① "the scriptures": "taste acid, flat."

② "Do not record": "non-toxic."

③ "Japanese chemical herbs": "warm, non-toxic."

④ "medical Kai source": "cold, sour."

Meridian: into the liver, spleen, lung, large intestine.

① Wang good ancient: "spleen, lung two blood points."

② "Lei Gongjiao drug solution": "into the lungs, kidney two by."

③ "Materia Medica by Shu": "into the liver."

④ "drug righteousness": "into the lungs, stomach, large intestine three."

Indications: convergence Sheng Jin, Anworm pest control. Cure cough, bruises, psoriasis, psoriasis, psoriasis, psoriasis, psoriasis, psoriasis, psoriasis, psoriasis, psoriasis, psoriasis, psoriasis, psoriasis, psoriasis.

① "the Bible": "the main under the gas, in addition to heat full of trouble, peace of mind, limb pain, partial furious, dead muscle, to green mole, flesh."

② "Do not record": "only diarrhea, good saliva dry." "Lee tendons, to paralysis."

③ Tao Hongjing: "typhoid fever, water stains drink juice."

④ Meng Shen: "stool unreasonable, gas rush to death, to ebony ten, set the soup, even a moment to go to the nuclear, pestle for the pill, such as jujube large, satisfied that the lower part of the time through the break water stains to less honey phase and Chicken cholera uncomfortable, and dysentery, the rule of malaria used.

⑤ "Materia Medica Supplements": "to phlegm, the first malaria malaria, thirst quenching, in addition to hot and cold dysentery, antiemetic."

⑥ "Japan and China Materia Medica": "In addition to labor, governance bone steaming, to boredom, astringent intestinal Zhili, eliminate alcohol poison, cure partial skin paralysis, to black spots, it is sleep. Pill, only rest dysentery.

⑦ "the sketch by": "the main typhoid fever and cholera impatient ('impatient' for 'dry') thirsty, lethargy lean, maternal dysentery and other parties in the use of.

⑧ "medication heart method": "received lungs."

⑨ "outline": "convergence lung astringent intestines, governance for a long time cough, diarrhea dysentery, nausea doctrine, roundworm spit, swelling, phlegm, insecticide, solution fish poison, Ma Khan poison, sulfur poison.

⑩ "Materia Medica for the original": "governance urinate blood, blood, blood, spontaneous perspiration, dry mouth and throat."

Usage and dosage Oral: decoction, 0.8 ~ 1.5 money; or into the pills, scattered. Topical: Calculated dry or sprinkle.

Note: there are real evil jealousy.

① Meng: "eat more teeth,"

② "Japan and China Materia Medica": "more bruises bone injury, erosion of the spleen and stomach, it is fever."

③ "Materia Medica by Shu": "should not eat, tooth pain and disease divergent whore."

④ "drug righteousness": "cough from the beginning, gas panting, chest diaphragmatic swelling of the liver, fear of acid to beam evil, quit."

⑤ "with the Materia Medica": "malaria diarrhea from the beginning of the disabled."


① cure cough endless: ebony meat (slightly fried), poppy shell (to fascia, honey fried) aliquot, for the end. Each serving two money, sleep when the honey soup down. ("Outline")

② cure for more than diarrhea, intestinal fouling has been: ebony meat twenty, a water, fried six points, before eating, two clothes. ("Elbow")

③ governance day line diarrhea can not eat: Coptis a liter, ebony twenty (sunburn). And pound at the end, wax, such as pieces of large, honey, a rose, together on the micro-fire, so that the pill, pill such as Wuzi big. A service two pill, three days. ("Fill the elbow behind", that is, "San Hui Fang" Wu Mei Wan)

④ governance dysentery and thirst: Ophiopogon thirty-two (to heart), two pieces of ebony. On the second flavor, boil with water a strong half, twisted to the sediment, to be cold, thin pharynx, that is, still contain it. (Meng 诜 (must force side ")

⑤ governance will dysentery pus and blood: ebony one or two, to nuclear, burned for the end. Each serving two money, rice drink. ("San Franciscans")

⑥ governance stool under the blood more than: Wu Mei thirty-two (burning), for the end, with good vinegar playing rice balls, such as the Indus large, each serving seventy pills, hollow rice drink. ("Jisheng Fang")

⑦ governance urine urine: Wumei burned, into powder, vinegar paste balls, Wuzi large. Each serving forty pill, wine under. ("Outline")

⑧ governance woman blood bloody: Wu Mei burning ash, for the end, to blackberry soup down. ("Woman's recipe")

⑨ governance Diabetes, only boredom: ebony meat two two (slightly fried), for the end. Each serving two money, two water, fry a light, to dregs, into the soy two hundred, fry to half, to the dregs, temporary service. ("Brief economy")

⑩ typhoid cold four or five days, headache, strong chest pain: ebony 14, spicy five together. Water one liter, fry half of the service, spit it. ("Mei Shiji prescription")

⑾ Heal forty or two, cannibus sixty (guns, peeled), Shujiao four two (sweating), the two thousand two hundred, Guizhi (peeled) sixty-two, ginseng six two, cork six two. On the top ten taste, different pound sieve,, the rule of governance, to bitter wicked Umei a night, to the nuclear, steamed five bucket of rice, rice cooked into a mud, and drug order phase, the inner mortar, and pestle two thousand , Pill such as Indus big child. First drink Beverage Service ten pill, three service, slightly to twenty pills. Banned cold slippery odor and so on. ("Treatise on" Wumei pill)

⑿ governance roundworm up and down the nose and mouth: Wu Mei meat hold, or decoction from the next drink. ("Daily Materia Medica")

Â'¡ governance cold lower part of the adult sore: blackberry meat twenty-two, speculation dry, pound fine for the end, refining honey and pills, such as the Indus big. Before taking each of the pomegranate root skin soup under ten pills. ("San Hui Fang")

⒁ governance malaria weak wicked: Wu Mei 14, lobster sauce, peach, willow branches of a tiger's mouth grip, licorice three inches long, ginger one. To two lons of urine, fried seven together, warm clothes. ("This sketch")

⑸ rule all sore out: Umea burning for the gray, pestle deposited on the end, evil meat to make. ("Liu Juanzi ghost side")

⒃ governance sore throat: ebony one or two, double flower twenty-two, realgar four money. A total of fine, refining honey for the pill, each pill a money. Once a pill, containing Xu slowly swallow, three times. (Liaoning "Chinese herbal medicine new medical information selection")

Juzhi suppurative finger inflammation: ebony meat plus the amount of vinegar research rotten, or with ebony two copies of Vaseline, made of ebony ointment topical, the drug once a day. This side of the vasculitis caused by finger (toe) head ulcers is also effective. ("Herbal medicine simple recipe compilation")

⒅ treatment of pediatric head sores, the plot is not bad: ebony meat, burning fine research, with the oil tune painted. ("San Hui Fang")

Clinical application:

① treatment of bacillary dysentery

Take 18 grams of ebony crushed, with 12 grams of Cyperus rotundus, add water 150 ml slow fire suffering, as soon as the liquid concentration to 50 ml when the filter, sooner or later 2 times service. Treatment of 50 people, cured 48 people. After taking the stool to return to normal for the shortest 1 day, up to 5 days; fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, recurrent illnesses are in 1 to 3 days disappeared; medication the shortest 2 days, up to 6 days. No toxic effects were found during the treatment, and the early treatment was better. Increased doses of individual patients (ebony, Cyperus rotundus 1 2) can shorten the course of treatment.

② treatment of hookworm disease

Take Wu Mei 0.5 to 1 two, add 500 ml of water, fry into 120 ml, morning fasting 1 service; two fried before lunch served. Or with ebony to nuclear, slow fire drying into powder, pan for the pills, each serving 1 to 2 money, 3 times a day, before eating clothes. Treatment of 20 cases, medication days at least 5 days, up to 23 days, 14 cases of stool check hook eggs negative, 6 cases were positive. According to clinical observation, ebony decoction effect seems to be higher than the pill.

③ treatment of psoriasis

(About 3 money), 3 times a day, 12 cases of treatment, medication 12 to 37 days ranging from basic cure in 5 cases, significantly improved 4 cases.

④ other

Ume has a contraction of the gallbladder, can promote bile excretion, the compound can be used for the treatment of biliary ascariasis.

Excerpts: "Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine"


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