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"Dictionary of traditional Chinese medicine": Achyranthes bidentata

Name of medicine: Achyranthes bidentata

Pinyin: Chuān Niú Xī


Source "Collection of medicinal materials"

Source for the amaranth plant Achyranthes bidentata or the first flower anthracene root. Achyranthes bidentata root, autumn and winter can be excavated, cultivated to grow 3 to 4 years as well, after digging, to the net mud, cut off the remaining stem and fibrous roots. Drying or drying to half dry, after sweating and drying to dry. Wild is dry or dried.

Original form:
① Achyranthes bidentata

Perennial herb, high 40 to 100 cm. Main root cylindrical, 0.8 to 1.5 cm in diameter, brown skin. Stem near the bottom of the cylindrical, nearly four prism in the middle, sparse was rough hair, nodules slightly swollen six. Sinus cones, elliptic to narrowly elliptic, 3 to 13 cm long, 1.5 to 5 cm wide, apex acuminate, base cuneate or broadly cuneate, entire margin, densely lobed on top, densely pubescent ; Petiole length 0.3 to 1.5 cm. Bracts ovate, 3 to 5 mm long, dry membranous, apex with hook-shaped thorns; bracts axillary with patterned flowers, able to spend flowers in the middle of the flower, Sterile flowers on both sides of the flowers; sterile flowers are reduced to 2 to 5 Jun-shaped thorns, can spend flowers 5 2 long 3 short; stamens 5, filament base densely villous; 5, rectangular, narrow, long fishing O. 3 to 0.4 mm, width O 0.1 to 0.2 mm. Apex serrulate lobes; stamens base lateral to circumcore densely villous slightly longer than staminodes; pistil ovary superior, 1-loculed, Fruit long oval-shaped obovate, 2 to 5 mm long. Seeds ovate. Flowering from June to July. Fruit from August to September.

Wild in the forest edge, grass or cultivation. Distribution of Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places.

② head flower anthracene

Shape and similar to the Kauraceae; its main features: leaf was broad-ovate, obovate, there are oval-shaped. The stamens are nearly a single, or nearly a central apically numerous. The stamens are thicker, 0.5 to 1 mm long, with apex deep, often torn or tassel. Branch; stamens base lateral plexus pilose thinner, and more degenerate stamens short or equidistant.

Wild or cultivated. Distribution of Sichuan, Yunnan, Tibet and other places.

Traits Chuanxiong Zhang goods have two kinds: one for the Achyranthes bidentata, a hemp knee:

① Achyranthes bidentata

Also known as sweet bovine knee. The root of the head of the root, the root of the bottom of the fine, or a small number of small lateral roots, about 30 to 70 cm, about 1 to 2 cm in diameter, the root of the root of the root, The All with longitudinal wrinkles and lateral roots removed after the traces; surface brown or dark gray. Tough, not easy to break. Cut off the gray to dark brown, showing a lot of light and lighter points, and precipitation of oil, arranged in a ring about 3 to 8 layers, the center of a larger. Sweet or bitter, no aroma. "

Main produced in Sichuan's Yashan, Leshan, Xichang.

② hemp knee

The dry roots of the plant anthocyanins are similar to those of Achyranthes bidentata, but the root strips are short, long conical or cylindrical, and the thickness difference between the two ends is large and is generally distorted. Soft and easy to break (but the old roots are not easy to break). Sweet, bitter or hemp.

The main producing Sichuan Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture and Yunnan.

Cannon Achyranthes: remove impurities and reed, wash, run through, cut thin, dry. This product is round sheet, thickness 0.1 ~ 0.2cm, diameter 0.5 ~ 3cm. The surface is grayish brown, shiny yellow or brown. Most yellow dotted vascular bundles are visible.

Drinking Achyranthes bidentata: Take Chuanxiongjiao pieces, according to wine Sunburn method fried dry.

Taste "Sichuan Chinese medicine Chi": "nature, sweet bitter, non - toxic.

By the "Sichuan Chinese medicine Chi": "into the liver, kidney two by."

Qufeng, dampness, through the flow, blood circulation. Governance wind wet waist and knee pain, atrophy tendon, blood shower, hematuria, women by the closed, Zhengjia. For the closure of Zhengjia, no less than the body, arthralgia, foot atrophy tendon, hematuria blood, or flutter injury.

① "medicinal materials compilation": "governance Pimp injury, there is the effect of ease the pain."

② "Chinese medicine Chi": "Broken descent."

③ "Chinese herbal medicine manual": "Gong Du Qufeng dampness, the other and the same horned."

④ "Sichuan Chinese medicine Chi": "Qufeng dampness, through the scattered blood. Governance cold wet waist and leg pain, frontal glamus, women by the closure of Zhengjia, gonorrhea, hematuria, impotence, loss of drowning.

Usage and dosage Oral: decoction, 1.5 to 3 money; dip or into the pills, scattered.

Note: "Sichuan Chinese medicine Chi": "women menorrhagia, pregnancy, dream slippery sperm bogey." Pregnant women disabled.

Storage: cool and dry place, moisture.

Excerpts: "Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine"

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